Great train journeys of the world


Do the locomotion

The train ride gets better and better. Usual suspects still love tradition and history, and the new space age trains take us to another dimension. Compiled by Bev Malzard

The following are some train trips that smell like adventure, romance and history. It is a great way to travel: sit and stroll through the countryside without worrying about traffic, bad weather or the fear of stopping at cafes on the side of the road for terrible food. The locomotion these days is complemented by linen napkins, gourmet meals, feather pillows and soft sheets and there is not a speck of soot on the horizon. All aboard now …

King of the Fjords Lane

A classic train trip offered in Scandinavia is the train tour & # 39; Norway King of Fjords & # 39 ;, which encompasses glorious glaciers, thundering waterfalls, deep and rich valleys, as well as the impressive Norwegian fjords that will captivate the traveler more demanding. The five-day train tour travels from Oslo to Mydal for a ride on the spectacular Flam railway, where for two hours it zigzags upwards through snow-capped mountains, looking towards the valleys and going through waterfalls. After this train journey, you will navigate the famous Sognefjord Fjord and then to the huge Fjaerland Glacier through one of Norway's most beautiful fjords. The next day, to Bergen to board the train to cross the countryside from Norway to Oslo.

The mighty Ghan

The Ghan begins its journey in the lower part of the Australian continent, points north and heads towards the center of the country to the highest city in Darwin: it extends between Adelaide, Alice Springs in the Red Center to Darwin. Operated by Great Southern Railway, the trip takes 48 hours to cover the 2979 km. The name of the service is an abbreviated version of its previous nickname The Afghan Express, which comes and is in honor of the Afghan camel trains that traveled the same route before the arrival of the railroad.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

The small blue and red steam train of the Darjeeling Himalayas climbs more than 2000 meters towards the mountains after leaving Siliguri at the foot of the Himalayas and reaches its peak in Ghum to reach Darjeeling at 2200 meters above sea level.

In 1881, the East Bengal Railroad Company opened a treacherous and crazy path of steep loops and slopes. It was gradually improved and is now owned by the Indian Railway Company, but it is still the most exciting and infused steam train journey in history that you can experience.

He was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999 and now only carries passengers. You ride on throats, under old steel bridges, you see mountain panoramas, forests, imposing rocky walls and tea plantation terraces.

Rovos Rail

In the luxurious and luxurious five-star hotel with wooden panels from a softer era, Rovos Rail crosses half of Africa, from Dar es Salaam in the east to central Zambia, Zimbabwe and to Swaziland, Lesotho, Johannesburg and all The main cities of South Africa, which branch back west, to Namibia. This experience is one of the best ways to see the amazing country of Africa. These trains have large suites, some with full-size bathrooms. It is luxurious all the way inside the train and an epic desert to discover outside the windows.


Taking the train from Brisbane to Cairns in Queensland is a great way to see the countryside. A restful night with meals that make you line up early – think afternoon tea with fresh buns – think of a source of hot and cold seafood, with seafood delivered directly to the train in Townsville! This coastal trip is to begin a gigantic journey through Queensland, which offers a splendid preview of the beauty of the coastal district while sitting comfortably.

The rocky mountaineer

One of the most beautiful train routes in the world is covered with the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada. This beautiful experience begins in Vancouver and offers travelers extraordinary views of magnificent mountains, forests, rugged valleys and serene lakes as you go from Vancouver to Banff. Or take the Fraser Discovery route: from Whistler in British Columbia to Jasper National Park, Alberta. The & # 39; Rocky & # 39; It is one of the most popular trains for Australians, and why not, with great views, food, service and the excitement of being so close to the mountains. Visit:

Trans-Siberian Railroad

The name only evokes smoking samovars, adventure, revolution, romance and noire atmosphere. The Trans-Siberian rail system is the longest in the world and, in addition to the basic stop and start trip, several operators now offer a multitude of bespoke trips, from the original Trans-Siberian to Dr

Zhivago Trips range from a few-day excursion to an epic one-month trip, or from a quiet tourist tour to a full expedition. Moscow to Beijing in the right season can include the Ural Mountains, snowmobile rides, diving (right!), The Gobi Desert, the Great Wall of China and the Harbin Ice Festival.

And there is … The Hiram Bingham to Machu Picchu in Peru; The legendary Blue Train that travels between Pretoria and Cape Town (and vice versa); The train at the end of the world, in Tierra del Fuego; The Royal Hungarian Express, built for an emperor and his wife; The Orient-Express for romance, adventure and mystery, Europe; the West Coast Wilderness Rail, Tasmania; The William Tell Express, Switzerland; The Copper Canyon Railroad, Mexico; Bluebell Railway, Crawley UK, the futuristic bullet trains of Japan. The list goes on and on. You don't have to be a railroad enthusiast to appreciate the charm of traveling by train, just someone who has a sense of history and is willing to make an extra effort for an experience!

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