Microsoft Dynamics GP Autoposting Server – Overview


Microsoft Great Plains has a good e-commerce web development tool: eConnect. This module allows you to schedule sales order processing orders, invoices, select inventory items and even add customers (here we are not considering the other eConnect features: POP, payroll, GL, etc.). There is some dismay with the development team when they finally realize that eConnect allows them to create work invoices and place them in the batch, but automatic batch publishing from the e-commerce application is really beyond eConnect's reach. This is actually an architectural constraint of Microsoft Dynamics GP, a former Great Plains Dynamics skill: working documents must be reviewed by the GP operator and published manually through the GP interface. These facts caused Alba Spectrum developers to build an automatic positioning server, which uses a GP workstation with modified logic to publish batches, marked for publication by e-commerce application. E-commerce developers generally work with Microsoft Visual Studio C # or VB.Net and do not need to know or program dex scripts. How does it work:

o Process of batch publication in GP. The automatic positioning server verifies the batch status table every 5 seconds. If you find an approved batch for publication, start an internal Dexterity process to publish the batch. The publishing server uses dex logic and, therefore, is very reliable for publishing business logic validation. The batch status table is part of the custom logic and you, as an e-commerce developer, must include the batch record in this table to allow it to be published

o Additional GP licenses. The publishing server must be installed on a separate GP workstation, which must always be on, and must process e-commerce orders as they come in 24×7 / 365.

o Assignment of sales documents. If you are working with eConnect, you probably do not think about this inventory item assignment question, however, your accounting counterpart may ask you this question. Don't worry, eConnect validates the GP logic and, as written in the SQL stored procedures, replicates the GP skill logic, including line item assignment

o Skill excursion. This is the core of GP, if you think of DYNAMICS.DIC – this is the business logic dictionary and table structure, which is being used by dex.exe – this is the Dexterity application file. To deepen your understanding of dex, review the Dynamics.set file to analyze what products you use for your company and your dex.ini file to understand your skill settings. One of the additional tips: if you need to resync your GP workstation with a new or modified GP account segmentation, you must modify the dex.ini line: change Synchronize = FALSE to Synchronize = TRUE



Book review of "Zero Rejection Prospecting" by Norbert Orlewicz and Michael J. Durkin


The review of this Zero Rejection Prospecting book will cover what I feel are some of the strengths of this excellent book. As a personal friend of Norbert Orlewicz and Michael J Durkin (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the “Live The Dream Event” in Las Vegas 2010) I pretended to be as impartial as possible. Here is my review.
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The book begins with Mr. Norbert Orlewicz recounting his first adventures in Network Marketing in Vancouver, Canada. He talks about dreaming when he was a kid watching “Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous” (he used to watch that show too!) And become a big hit one day.
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He tells the story of his struggle and disappointment at the beginning of his career as a Network Marketer. It is an inspiring story, because it shows that anyone of any kind of life can be a success in this industry if they have the will and determination to do so. Norbert went from giving corner surveys, making cold calls and paying for unskilled customers to now become a 7-figure winner in this industry. It was definitely a deeper look at what it takes to succeed and the universal struggle we all have to endure for our businesses to function.
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A key point that the book emphasizes is the fact that traditional forms of marketing are rapidly being replaced by newer ones. It emphasizes the point that online strategies MUST be acquired if you want to build your business in the long term. Traditional methods, such as belly-to-belly prospecting, are not discouraged, but should actually be used as a hybrid with Internet marketing. Together online and offline strategies are the combination to create.
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Mr. Michael J. Durkin, known as “Prospect Trainer of North America” ​​with more than 30 years of experience in this industry (and an 8-figure winner!) Is engaged in telephone prospecting and how to have conversations. With potential customers. This part of the book is really invaluable because most people are afraid to pick up the phone and call their prospects. I enjoyed the way Mr. Durkin described the process and made it pleasant to read with his sense of humor and his warm nature.
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This book breaks down everything! Give what you should and should not do with marketing, which marketing strategies are effective and which ones waste time. Briefly add friends on social networks, how to create an effective blog and what data to look for when tracking a campaign. It also deals with the conversion of potential customers into sales and how to close the deal.
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Zero rejection prospecting is essential if you are serious about learning to avoid rejection and want to know how to take advantage of the Internet in a powerful way. I recommend that you add it to your existing arsenal of Network Marketing books. This is a quick read, but the information you will get from it will remain with you throughout your career.



Why do you ask Vancouver?


You might ask why Vancouver? Well, the colorful city of Vancouver is full of international flavors and festivities and was voted in 2005 as the # 1 city in the world to live in!

This city has a variety of beaches where you can relax and relax, outdoor activities for all interests and some of the best courtyards where you can relax with friends during a cold day. This city allows visitors and locals alike to have a real idea of ​​the "good life" and leave their worries behind.

But there are two sides of this city, you have the happy side and then there is the "city atmosphere". For visitors and people around the world, this famous city is known as an international city with the best world-class hotels, shops and restaurants, not to mention the burgeoning film industry that takes over.

Vancouver has it all! You can climb huge mountains at dawn, take a sailboat in the afternoon (or for the richest, a YACHT!) And lie under the stars at night after having installed your tent.

The weather in Vancouver also helps to some extent, since some days you can ski in the morning and then hang out on the beach to enjoy a fabulous sunset.

Visitors want to move here and locals stay as & # 39; locals & # 39 ;. We cannot tell you how many times people have turned to us and said, "I love this city. It has everything I could want or need. Why go elsewhere? Vancouver is where it is!" Vancouver is cozy, vibrant and people greet you on the street when you roam the city.

Nature plays a HUGE role in the city and its surroundings and you will never be far from forests, mountains or the ocean. When you wander and explore the city center, you will see the north coast, the peaks of the glorious mountains and the ocean in every corner. It takes your breath away, literally!



Brackendale, British Columbia – Eagle Capital of the World


The 2014 eagles count in Brackendale, British Columbia, recorded 1,617 eagles, almost double the 2013 count. The count is done every year in January to coincide with the Annual Winter Eagle Festival held every year. January.

The Brackendale area is the largest gathering for the wintering of bald eagles in all of North America. The annual return of salmon spawning announces that the eagles return to the area of ​​the Squamish Valley, where salmon, many of them by the river, make food availability easily accessible to them. In addition to the Squamish River, which provides eagles with abundant food, safety is also guaranteed. The numerous trees available for perching make this area also very advantageous for them.

North American bald eagles usually gather near bodies of water that have an abundant supply of food and enough mature trees to nest. Trees should be large enough to accommodate nests that are generally built between 52 and 125 feet above the ground, allowing them good visibility and relative proximity to their prey. Their nests are the largest of any other bird. They can be up to thirteen feet deep, eight feet wide and weigh up to a metric ton. They start laying their eggs at the end of February, before other birds.

From mid-December to mid-January it is the most ideal time to see these majestic birds of prey, but you can also see them while they nest and care for their young. They play a crucial role in the natural health of our environment. Not only can eagles be seen on a visit to Brackendale, but also another wildlife. Some of these are the black bear, the gray wolf, the wildcat, the mink and the flying squirrel from the north.

Eagles are considered mature at age five when the feathers of their heads turn white. They will begin to reproduce at this time, often returning to the area where they were born. Eagles usually mate for life. Bald eagles have a wingspan of between 5.9 and 7.5 feet when they are fully mature and weigh between 6.6 and 13.9 pounds. Females are 25% larger than males. Eagles can fly between 35 and 40 miles per hour and approximately 30 miles per hour when transporting fish. Its diving speed is between 75 and 100 miles per hour.

In addition to their main fish diet, eagles eat some birds, even the largest such as ducks and geese and some mammals. The bald eagle can consume many of the smaller animals, such as rabbits, including cats, small dogs and lizards.

There is an interpretive screen that explains the life cycle of eagles and salmon available at the observation center in Brackendale. The volunteers who count also take note of the general health of these birds. In addition to seeing the birds from the main observation area, there are walking and boat tours available.

The Brackendale Art Gallery is a must see while there. They offer exhibits, information about the life of the eagles and will answer any questions you have about them, salmon and about the area in general. There is also a small licensed cafeteria, making it an ideal place to enjoy lunch or just to warm up with a drink.

Brackendale is 70 km north of Vancouver, British Columbia, in the Squamish Valley. It is easily accessed by taking Government Road, which runs parallel to the road and ends in Brackendale. The main observation area is located on the municipal dike in front of the Easter Seal Camp on Government Road.

Carrying binoculars is definitely essential when planning a trip to see the eagles. It is a wonderful experience to see the flight of these majestic birds as they gracefully soar through the sky forever in search of their next tasty meal. They can detect a fish in the water from several hundred feet high and can identify a rabbit that moves a mile away.

Visiting Brackendale, the eagle's world capital, is well worth the trip.



Sam Spade & # 39; s San Francisco


"Approximately in this place, Brigid O & # 39; Shaughnessy ended up with Miles Archer, partner of Sam Spade." That says a plaque on a building on the corner of Burritt Alley and Bush Street in downtown San Francisco. This is a pleasant residential block in a dead end, it is not the perfect place for a murder, but, of course, this murder only happened on the pages of Dashiell Hammett's "Maltese Falcon."

As I will discover while touring the Sam Spade neighborhood, the Franciscans are happy to pretend that Sam, and that heterogeneous group of hawk hunters, the mysterious Miss Wonderly, the small and oily Joel Cairo and the chillingly cool Gutman really traveled the city. blocks around Union Square in its quest for the bright black bird.

This claim requires a little effort because Dashiell Hammett did not give himself to the configuration of the elaborate scene. The more detailed description in The Maltese Falcon consists of one sentence: Spade has received the call counting the murder of Miles; Call a yellow taxi company. The taxi leaves "where Bush Street covered Stockton before sliding downhill to Chinatown."

San Francisco de Sam Spade ignores everything that postcards and that song and travelers, including myself, associate with the city. "The small trams do not climb up to half the stars" or anywhere else in the world of Sam Spade. There is hardly a feeling of the hills that can turn even an apple walk for breakfast into a calf stretch walk. The "roof" of Stockton on Bush Street only suggests how this city moves up and down Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill, the three heights that separate Sam Spade from a blue ocean, an orange bridge and a Beautiful bay that never seems to see.

As I walk through the world of Sam Spade I realize how small it is. This is the dark and busy San Francisco, the part that turns its back on the entire blue sea and the sky and all those Victorian houses painted in pastel colors that cling so optimistically to those cruel hills. While traveling in the Hyde Street cable car from Nob to Russian Hill at that point when it turns to fall towards the Pacific, San Francisco looks at me as if I had just left the laundry, all fresh, blue and white, hung to dry in the sun in the morning.

But Hammett's characters don't have time to look so much beauty. After all, they pursue a much more elusive beauty: "what dreams are made of," as Bogart said in the film (but Hammett did not do it in the book): solid gold enameled in black, encrusted with hawk jewels that He will consume all his ambition and energy and finally escape from everyone.

Hammett gives his characters a very occasional fun. Joel Cairo attends a show at the Geary Theater. They are currently showing Moliere's misanthrope; A Christmas carol is announced for the holidays. It's hard to imagine Joel Cairo attending any of them. He would not have had to walk much from his Belvedere hotel. In his true incarnation as Bellevue, he was only one block from Geary and Taylor. These days it has been reborn as Monaco, an elegant boutique hotel of "fantasy" where the dumpy Vuitton trunks serve as reception and hot air balloons on the roofs of trompe l & # 39; oeil run through spongy clouds.

There is an occasional mention of the San Francisco night fog, "thin, sticky and penetrating," but most of the time, Falcon characters move through an interior world: Sam's office, his apartment, the Brigid department and several hotel suites.

Dashiell Hammett worked for a time as a detective in San Francisco. He moved a lot but lived for 891 Post Street for a while and that's where Sam Spade's apartment went. When I ask the waiter of a restaurant if it is a safe area to visit at night, he shrugs and says: "It's a bit of a gay ghetto after dark …".

Hammett gave Spade an office in a splendid 1926 building at 111 Sutter Street. The marble room and the walls and ceiling with painted beams look more like the entrance of a Medici palace. The doorman, the maintenance manager, anyone near the hall knows that this is where "Sam Spade had his office, on the fifth floor."

In another of Hammett's brief instructions on stage, he tells Spade: "Have him pick me up at John & # 39; s, Ellis Street." And there, the detective asks the waiter to expedite his order of "chops, baked potatoes and sliced ​​tomatoes." In 1997, John & # 39; s Grill was declared a National Literary Monument. For $ 29 dollars, a visitor can still order those chops. If they do, they should try to eat them in the dining room above, where Hammett's books and a replica of the Maltese Falcon are stored in a showcase at the entrance.

But something is missing. Sam Spade could recognize the look of the place, but probably not the smell. There is no smoke And smokers lurking outside his office building again in Sutter, smoking stealthily during a brief American lunch are a reminder that Sam and his mink-dressed ladies have been left behind in another century.



What is burlesque?


I have lost count of how many times I have been asked this question.

"Oh … you mean kitty dolls?"

Not quite…


Pronunciation: (ËOE) bÉ (TM) r-Ë ^ lesk

Function: noun

Etymology: burlesque, adjective, funny, funny, from french, from italian burlesque since derision joke, from Spanish

Date: 1667

one : A literary or dramatic work that seeks to ridicule through grotesque exaggeration or comic imitation.

two : teases usually for caricature

3 : Theatrical entertainment of a widely humorous character, often earthy, consisting of short turns, comic sketches and sometimes strip acts

Second thought…

Jokes aside, although it originated much earlier, the burlesque probably began to become popular in Europe and the United Kingdom in the early 17th and early 18th centuries and was introduced in North America during the 1860s by Lydia Thompson and her company, British Blondes

There are several definitions, but the burlesque was basically a comic imitation of a serious literary, political or artistic form, at least at the beginning. These programs used comedy, parody, sexuality and music to challenge the established and / or conventional way of seeing things. The general formula for a show would have consisted more often in the following:

The first part was composed of women singing songs and dancing, interspersed with comedy by male comedians. The second part was a miscellaneous collection of acts and sketches that included contortionists, jugglers, ventriloquists, fighters, acrobats, etc. The end of the show was a great ending, often a one-act musical performance.

Due to its controversial content and rather for adults, some companies presented programs number 1 and programs number 2, being the first "clean", the second "dirty".

Burlesque had its ups and downs and its own evolution, as it slowly changed from a scripted program of acts of varieties to simple performances focused mainly on the striptease.

There were many fans, but also many protesters who felt that the burlesque was corrupt and immoral.

In the 1920s and 1930s, legal and social repression against the burlesque eventually led to the legendary incursion into Minsky's in Manhattan, and to its gradual fall from the burlesque in general. By 1937, Minsky's license was revoked and burlesque performances in New York City were banned altogether. Burlesque struggled to survive after that, and finally vanished completely, and it was not until the mid-1990s that the burlesque came out of the carpentry and quickly began to build momentum again.

While in the modern burlesque, there are a series of shows composed only of striptease, there are still many with the great band, comedians, acrobats, etc.

Personally, I find that producing a show where the striptease mixes among other acts of varieties helps keep the elements of mockery and surprise. But there are several formulas that work, and choosing your alignment will vary depending on your target audience.

Today the burlesque community is flourishing and there are shows everywhere, from Chicago to Berlin and Tokyo. There are a handful of international burlesque festivals organized in Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Paris, Toronto, Montreal, Amsterdam, Vancouver and London, to name a few. All of these feature a fairly impressive list of artists, including Dita Von Teese (Hollywood, CA), Catherine D & # 39; Lish (Northridge, CA), Dirty Martini (New York, NY), The Pontani Sisters (New York, NY ), Michelle L & # 39; amour (Chicago IL), Oui Oui Encore (Montreal QC), Miss Indigo Blue (Seattle, WA), The World Famous BOB (New York, NY), Tanya Cheex (Toronto, ON), Sauci Calla Horra (Toronto ON), Julie Atlas Muz (New York, NY)Kalani KoKonuts (Las Vegas, NV)Diamondback Annie (Los Angeles, CA), Cecilia Bravo (Vancouver B.C.), Miss Sugarpuss (Montreal QC) Immodesty Blaize (London, United Kingdom), Kitty Neptune (Toronto, ON), Amber Ray (New York, NY) Bunny Love (New York, NY), not to mention many, MANY plus…

And in answer to your previous question, no. I don't mean kitty dolls.

Definition of burlesque courtesy of Merriam-Webster online dictionary



Vancouver's department store CC, once the standard for shopping in small cities


Growing up in the mid-twentieth century, I remember when the place to buy clothes was in the central department stores with their intricately hand-painted mannequins in the front window.

In addition to the famous chain stores such as Montgomery Ward and Penney & # 39; s, Vancouver, Washington was serviced by an old CC & # 39; s locally owned department store. CC & # 39; s was the kind of store that closed on Sundays and was known for its "best" merchandise.

CC & # 39; s was almost a museum even by the 1940s and 1950s standards. Gentle and somewhat scruffy Shabbily had crisp wooden floors, wide wooden stairs and high ceilings, but what really made the CC stand part of Other stores in downtown Vancouver were how purchase transactions were made.

When customers made a purchase at CC & # 39; s, the employee who handled the transaction put the money in a metal container the size of a can of soup and sent it along with a sales receipt, navigating an electronic cable to a central cashier on the second floor. The cashier made the change and returned the transaction in the same way to the employee so that he could close the sale with his receipt.

CC & # 39; s is the only store in which I remember buying that handled its transactions "cash only" in this way. The grandmother was a regular shopper at CC & # 39; s and chose the store especially for her selection of Cinderella brand dresses for my sister and me. I remember buying clothes back to school and Easter there too.

In those days, women "dressed" for shopping expeditions at the center and customers like my grandmother knew the store's employees by name. This was a time when there was a personalized service was the norm. Knowing what Grandma liked to buy for us, employees sometimes held Cinderella dresses in our sizes for her to come in and choose.

In addition to buying dresses for my younger sister and me, Grandma sometimes bought an outfit and a hat for her. The CC wore a thin line of women's hats. These days, hats and gloves were one of the ideals of femininity and a necessity to attend the Sunday church.

Standing on a corner of Main Street, CC & # 39; s was a large part of downtown Vancouver. It was also part of a more polite era, an era in which daily purchases were much more formal. People got dressed, got on the bus and took time to navigate the merchandise store. If you entered a store, the owners talked with you and wanted you to spend some time. It was all part of the local flavor of a bygone era.



Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay: The ferry bridge across the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia


People travel back and forth across the Georgia Strait as if they were crossing a bridge between the city of Vancouver and the island of Vancouver. However, the mode of transport is a ferry and it takes approximately an hour and a half to cross the entrance from Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver to Departure Bay in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. And if you have never been on a British Columbia ferry, you will find yourself with real pleasure. The ferry is a huge ship with four decks and closely resembles a horizontal building sliding across the ocean. But he effortlessly navigates so smoothly that it is only after looking out the window that he realizes that he has already begun to move.

Upon boarding Horseshoe Bay, the Queen of Cowichan begins loading from long waiting lines of 350 vehicles and 1,500 passengers. Just when an orchestra conductor conducts an orchestra, the ground crew begins to direct traffic flows on multiple levels of the ferry. It takes about 40 minutes to load and then, with a loud fog horn, the ferry departs from Horseshoe Bay. The coast of British Columbia appears quickly and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a vast field of water surrounded by snow-covered mountain ranges on one side and a distant horizon on the other.

The crossing of the Strait goes fast. In addition to a newspaper stand, a gift shop and a large cafeteria, the best place to be is to look out the window or outside on one of the decks watching how the virgin coast of British Columbia changes as you move. Passing Bowen Island you go to an open sea. On deck with the wind and the sun and the silence of the sea, you marvel at how efficient man has become when crossing a large body of water. Smaller ships pass, people say hello. A fishing boat and a freighter heading to Vancouver can be seen in the distance.

The first land he sees when he approaches the Bay of Departure is Gabriola Island, which looks like a green brush upside down with trees while the bristles shoot throughout the Island. Shortly after he sees his destiny: a small city ​​with a large docking station at the end of a long bridge waiting for cars to leave the ferry deck. But the trip has been so short and pleasant that one is tempted to stay on board and wait for the next trip to Vancouver.



A good hair removal salon is hard to find


There has been a definitive movement towards male grooming in recent years, and many men decided to adopt a cleaner appearance with less body hair than in the past. For many men this means shaving, but for those looking for a more professional response it means shaving in a salon. The clean appearance of waxing is far superior to shaving, since it lasts longer and has better results over time because the hair becomes thinner and is removed more easily, but for many men who seek to shave professionally there is another problem. Many hair removal salons will not work below a man's waist.

In some areas of the United States and Canada, it is not legally allowed to provide hair removal services below a man's waist, but in most areas the services are not available simply because the hair removal salon does not want to work with men . This may be due to a stigma about being perceived as a massage room or some other business that provides less than legal services under the guise of another service. It may be that hair removal technicians simply feel uncomfortable working with men because they have not traditionally done so. No matter the reason, very few classrooms will really provide the services that men are now looking for.

Many times, the salon itself will provide an environment that is not attractive to men, making the salon more like a spa than a company that provides a service. The salons that provide the best unisex hair removal services will generally also have a unisex environment, without paying too much attention to a feminine aspect, although women could still be their biggest audience. These types of rooms are much more like a doctor's office than a spa. Some salons will go so far as to be marketed in this way, appealing to the fact that their clients do not come to relax and, instead, are here for a quality hair removal service at a good price.

The professional hair removal salon is evolving to be more receptive to clients of both sexes, and as a result it becomes a different appearance. While there are many classrooms that still cling to the "old school" theory that only women care about being free of hair, more progressive classrooms are opening new paths and treating men and women equally. It is still a good idea to ask in advance if your local salon offers hair removal for men.



Visit Raft Cove Vancouver for your next camping holiday


I look forward to my annual vacation every year. But sometimes choosing a vacation spot can be a bit difficult. There are so many options that can be overwhelming.

Do I take the children to the theme parks again or are they getting old for that? Should we head to Europe and see the sights? It has been a tiring year and I need to recharge on the beach for a couple of weeks? And what about the national parks?

Yes, the options are endless.

But if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, and something that is more adventure than vacation, then I have the perfect place for you … Raft Cove.

Raft Cove is located on the island of Vancouver in Canada, near the Pacific Ocean. Specifically, it is located in the northwestern part of Vancouver Island.

I guess you would call this a National Park, but it's not a national park like any other you've been to. On the one hand, it is known for its emptiness. I'm talking about people, the park is full of nature, only not many people.

This gives a true "desert" feeling.

There is not much in the way of traditional vacations to do there, but if you like nature (hiking, camping, canoeing, fishing, etc.), this could be your idea of ​​paradise.

The name of the park itself is "Cape Scott Park" and Raft Cove is located inside the park.

You have to be careful here because the region is home to black bears, as well as wolves and pumas. This is not a big problem during the day, but if you plan to camp overnight, you should be careful.

And definitely remember to dress for shelter! And don't forget your rain clothes. This is a region right in the middle of the Pacific climate system. You can expect some heavy rain at almost any time.

I am not sure it is a vacation for children. You can probably do it, but I want to emphasize the true wild nature of the area. This is not the camping area of ​​an ordinary park ranger … it's more like walking for a while until you get tired of walking, then you sit and camp wherever you land.

Some people use their vacation time to rest and relax, and some people use it to have exotic adventures. If you are looking for an adventure in nature, then Raft Cove Canada could be exactly what you are looking for!