Beginning of the discovery

Seeing new and strange things has always been the attraction of travel. However, his journey, though easier and more reliable, has become more expensive. It would be logical to be in a place where one still enjoys the pleasure of discovering and enjoying the costless journeys.

New cities and cultures will always be attractive, but no one can strike as pure beauty as natural wonders. When it comes to natural wonders, nothing compares to the urban nature it has created.

As you remember the rainforest, images of tall canopies come to mind above the foggy green space. Often, one of the first things you think about is the mighty Amazon River that runs through South America. In fact, rain forests host a large number of plants and animals. However, Amazon is not the only place where you can go for a taste of natural beauty.

Costa Rica is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. It may contain 0.1% of the world's and world's farms, but it grows at 5 جهان 0.1% of the world's biodiversity – the highest species density in the world. These wild animals are quite large for a very small country. This is because 25% of the country is made up of protected forests and reserves. Even though Costa Rica is a small country, Costa Rica is famous for its year-round adventure tourism and outdoor activities. And if you're a frequent visitor to the country, having your own Costa Rican real estate allows you to extend your stay and enjoy these activities more.

Costa Rica has an area of ​​5,1100 square kilometers (slightly larger than Switzerland), makes the journey from point to point relatively fast, does not take more than a few hours, and travel. Visiting the national parks has a unique wildlife experience that can easily rival what Amazon has to offer.

Corcovado National Park is world-renowned for its biodiversity among ecologists. Visitors can experience many wildlife such as large cats and large cats, in addition to engaging in eco-tourism activities such as toll lines through the wreath or even just a pavement for the faint of heart.

Tortuguero National Park, also known as "full of turtles," has a wide range of animals. Spiders, shepherds and white capuchin monkeys, three-legged whip, 320 bird species (including eight species of parrots), and a variety of reptiles all reside here. Of course, Tortuguero is best known for its turtles. The endangered green turtle makes this park an annual nesting ground, and this is the most important nesting site. Rare species such as giant turtles, hawks and roundwood turtles also have nests here.

For those with a green thumb, there is Cloud Forest Reserve Monteverde. The park hosts two thousand plant species including numerous orchids. More than four hundred species of birds are found here, and over a hundred species of mammals. Overall, about eight hundred species of birds have been identified in Costa Rica.

Due to the high biodiversity of the region, several pharmaceutical companies are conducting extensive experiments on the life of their plants in the hope of finding new cures for new diseases and diseases. Some scientists speculate that some new species of plants and animals have not yet been discovered here. Who knows, you might just discover one yourself.