Sinking in Asia with hard travel budgets?

What is the Best Way to Save Money in Asia Diving? Many people love diving in Asia but can't afford thousands of dollars. The first thing you need to do is actually look at what you spent on previous trips, because seeing where the money goes shows you what factors you can change to maximize your travel budget. Do it yourself.

The best way to do this is to have a budget and then record whatever you have spent since leaving your home until you return. You might be surprised at how small the actual percentage of Asian diving was! One way you can use it is to look at what you have spent on your credit cards. If you're like most people, you put big things on the cards and cash in on the little things. Buying your own credit card is a way to save you, as most major credit cards charge the international transaction amount, and in this case many merchants in Asia charge the transaction amount as well, so you can charge as much as 6 ٪ Pay more. Those big foreign purchases, which you really have to think about.

One way to prevent this is to book in advance and pay directly to the US account, if any. Another is bringing cash and payment on arrival. Talk to the seller and see if they get the dollar and see if they give you a fair rate. Many will give you rates that are far from you and lose their profits. Dive groups always receive special prices that will make your trip more budget-friendly. Live dive shops and boards, knowing that they have a large group, can make less money on a full trip, and dive groups generally stay longer, which is why they have the full volume and calendar of profits. they do.