Cheap flights to New York and major Nigerian airlines

Have you ever gone to the world's largest business center? It is also one of the most important leisure spots in the United States. Well, we're talking about New York. Even the average man today can travel to New York at least once a year. The reason for this is the availability of cheap New York flights. Yes, at one point in time, New York flights were undoubtedly expensive. It was beyond the imagination of the average man to always think of flying to this city. But now with much lower flights and competition in New York, prices have fallen sharply.

There are countless attractions that attract tourists to New York. It is worth mentioning the Statue of Liberty, Empire Street Building, Central Park, Grand Central Terminal and more. There are only a handful of travel portals you can find on the cheapest New York flights. Search online, book your trip and enjoy your exciting trip to New York!

As we speak of Nigeria, two distinct airlines blink in the minds of travelers. Chanchangi and Aero Contractors are the airline contractors. Both airlines have carved exotic niches as Nigeria's two cheapest airlines. Chanchangi Airlines is a privately owned airline based at Kaduna Airport and has headquarters at Mortala Mohammed International Airport, Namdi Azikoh International Airport and Port Harcourt International Airport. The aircraft has been in operation since 1994.

Aero Contractors has been a renowned Nigerian aviation industry since 1959. The airline not only flies to almost anywhere in the world, but also provides rotational and fixed services to Nigeria's full oil and gas industry, including West Africa.