The Unusual Adventures of Americans in Europe

The unpleasant fall of the US dollar against the European currency has made the US currency almost impossible in some European countries. It is particularly difficult to sell dollars in small banks and currency exchanges in small European provincial cities. Experts believe this trend will only grow stronger in the future.

Tourists coming to Europe with dollars are in big trouble and it seems that American guests can even bite the dust. "Our national currency here is of no value here," said Mary Kelly, an American tourist who came from Indianapolis to a Reuters reporter while surfing around Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam – finding an exchange currency It is very difficult for them to agree. Buy dollars. I have to go to the city center, to the main railway station or the post office. "But most of the tourists suffer from US citizens who work in the European offices of US companies. If the salary is paid in dollars, employees have to pay monthly Pay more for food and rent.

"Although the dollar is more or less stable today, it has weakened lately," said Howard Archer, European markets expert at Global Insight. And according to our information, the US currency will weaken in the coming weeks. US tourists lose if the dollar comes to Europe The US economy creates anxiety and, according to forecasts of the Federal Reserve System, this will become even worse, with the ability to compete with others. It is weaker because of the cheapness of the US currency. The advantage of the strong euro is that the price of imports is kept at a reasonable level. Oil is cheaper

There has even been an article saying that a poor dollar owner can spend the holidays. The information in that article is interesting in another way – how to get more rest for less money.