Edgecomb City – both historical and modern

Named after Lord Mount Edgecomb, the town of Edgecomb was originally created in 1744 and incorporated in 1774 as a town. The city is located in the Lincoln district. The map of Edgecomb is drawn in the south of Litchellen. The country lies on the peninsula formed by the Sheepscot and Damariscotta rivers. The famous Fort Edgecomb is a spectacular city-wide sightseeing spot. Irregular surface is sweeping the whole area because of alluvial valleys and hills. The highest peak is known as the Hunger Mountain. The Crystal Basin is a great attraction with an area of ​​100 acres.

Rosicrucian Spring, a spas in the city has also attracted many tourists. One of the major producers of ice, Edgecomb City mainly produces alfalfa, barley, oats, and potatoes. Brick making is another important business in the city. There are many local areas that practice this profession. Fort Edgecomb is a great piece of architecture that attracts every viewer to the city. The church, built in 1783, is also a popular destination for tourists to visit. It has a library containing more than 300 books.

Communityists and Methodists have their own church in the city. Several excellent schools and public facilities serve the townspeople. The city has several heritage sites to offer visitors. In addition to the Edgecomb Castle, built to protect the mine shores in the early 1800s, there are many garrisons, officer's old quarters, and home stores to discover the facts. You can have a good picnic in the waterfall.