Bitcoin pushes the Bulls goal high

Following a sudden surge in sales pressure yesterday, Bitcoin shares have been able to maintain their position at $ 10,000 and are now pushing the BTC to its next key resistance level, at about $ 10,400.

By default at this level, there may be an additional target of $ 10,800 where cryptography has previously experienced substantial resistance.

Bitcoin is rising to $ 4,400
At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at its current price of $ 10,350, and once again trying to earn $ 10,400 immediately, this is where it has been steadily pushing for the last few days.

Bitcoin bulls seem to be gaining strength, but cryptocurrencies have responded to $ 10,000 in the last 24 hours, and now there seems to be a good chance of lowering $ 10 400.

ripple price

Analysts and investors will be vigilant to see if BTC is under $ 10,400 as the next major resistance region is around $ 10 800.

Cryptocurrency, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, spoke to Boycott in a recent tweet, explaining that due to the relative weakness of yesterday’s recession, he expected growth.

$ BTC: The absence of a strong break yesterday was unstable and