Bitcoin pushes the Bulls goal high

Following a sudden surge in sales pressure yesterday, Bitcoin shares have been able to maintain their position at $ 10,000 and are now pushing the BTC to its next key resistance level, at about $ 10,400.

By default at this level, there may be an additional target of $ 10,800 where cryptography has previously experienced substantial resistance.

Bitcoin is rising to $ 4,400
At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at its current price of $ 10,350, and once again trying to earn $ 10,400 immediately, this is where it has been steadily pushing for the last few days.

Bitcoin bulls seem to be gaining strength, but cryptocurrencies have responded to $ 10,000 in the last 24 hours, and now there seems to be a good chance of lowering $ 10 400.

ripple price

Analysts and investors will be vigilant to see if BTC is under $ 10,400 as the next major resistance region is around $ 10 800.

Cryptocurrency, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, spoke to Boycott in a recent tweet, explaining that due to the relative weakness of yesterday’s recession, he expected growth.

$ BTC: The absence of a strong break yesterday was unstable and


Boston hotels USA

Boston is one of America’s richest, most historic, and influential cities. The city has nearly 2,000 restaurants and 62 landmarks. Boston was once extremely conservative but developed a progressive culture and is now one of the hottest tourist areas in New England.
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It attracts about 16 million tourists annually, making it one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world. Boston has a mix of international culture and American history that makes it unique. . Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is characterized by a distinct European feel that seems to have embraced this culture.
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You can get $ 400 for a night in luxury hotels or get a room in a motel for as low as $ 30.
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Unfortunately, Boston is not known for its budget hotels. However, it can be found in bed and breakfast hotels scattered throughout the Brooklyn, Cambridge area. The most popular B&B is Boston College Club, located at 44 Common Street, next to Boston Public Gardens.
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This place offers affordable rooms from $ 80 to $ 200. Midtown Hotel is another budget hotel in Boston, located at 220 Huntington Av. The hotel is within easy reach of Symphony, Prudential Mall and Copley Place Mall. Rates range from $ 89 to $ 239
Luxury Hotels in Tremont, Newbury and Boylston St. Are located. These hotels provide you with the best luxury accommodation. The rooms are widely used from the ancient world to the shiny new age.
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Most Boston hotels are close to the airport and the train station, making it easy for you to commute.


Find detailed introductions of hotels in Richmond, Virginia, United States

Richmond, founded in 1737, is the capital of Virginia, United States. The city’s climate is subtropical humid and temperate seasonally, making it a year-round destination. This beautiful city of Virginia is famous for its historical architecture as well as art and culture.
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There are unparalleled tourist attractions in the city, some of which are Byrd Theater, St John’s Church, Hollywood Cemetery, Fan District and Tuckahoe Plantal. These are the most valuable places to visit in Richmond.
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The city attracts thousands of people from all over the world not only for vacations but also for jobs, jobs and education. Whether you come here for pleasure or for work or for any other reason, you do not just need accommodation. The metropolis offers a range of accommodation options to choose from for every budget.
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Luxury Hotels
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If you are ready to spend a fortune on Richmond Tour enrichment, then make sure you stay at any of the upscale hotels in town. There are many amazing luxury accommodation options available in Richmond, including the Tides Inn, Jefferson, Commonwealth Parks, Hilton Garden Hotel, Westin and Omni and more.
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Jefferson is a luxury, classic, five-star hotel built in 1895. This is the best star city hotel known for its royal services, offering the best services, facilities and international standard accommodation.
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Many of the major tourist attractions are within easy reach of Jefferson because it is located in the heart of downtown. Many of Jefferson’s great features are 3-star restaurants, commercial services. This is an ideal place for both business and leisure travelers.
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Cheap Hotels

There are plenty of budget property to choose from in the city, offering amenities and rooms to suit all budgets. While touring here, try to stay in one of the cheap hotels so you can save some of your travel costs.
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The best cheap accommodation options for cheap accommodation in this city include Quality Inn West End, Wingate by Wyndham, Days Inn West Broad, Hyatt Place, Baymont Inn and Suites and more.
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Baymont Hotels and Suites

Located at 7201 W. Broad Street, the Baymont Inn and Suites is one of the best low-cost hotels to offer you the best service, facilities and conveniences at the most affordable rates. The best features of this cheap property include a free gym, free parking.
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It has hotels of all categories, from lovely hotels to spa, casinos and boutiques. So just don’t bother trying to find a specific type of accommodation option.
Whether you are looking for a hotel in the city center or near the airport, this city will never disappoint you, as it has its hotels in every corner.

Downtown Hotels

Richmond’s economy is primarily owned by finance, law, state-owned banking firms as well as government agencies and charter agencies, mainly located in the downtown area.
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Therefore, many visitors prefer to stay in or around the city center. That’s why all the popular chain hotels are here. Some of the best accommodation options in the city center are Commonwealth Park Suites Hotel and Quality Inn West End.
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Quality Inn West End

Downtown Quality End West End is the best budget hotel offering first class service and quality accommodation. This gives access to some of the amazing tourist attractions.


USA Hotels – Splendor Unlimited

Known as the “Land of Opportunity”, the United States justifies this rhetoric, especially when traveling. This region of the world, with a bunch of great tourist destinations, is one of the biggest tourist attractions.
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There are 50 individual countries that correspond to the number and population of different European countries. Many of America’s great cities and towns are a wonderful mix with vast expanses of fields, forests, deserts and mountains.
This region of the world has four distinct seasons with different climates from tropical to arctic. The United States is the third most populous country in the world.
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And obviously, despite the many highly developed tourist areas, the United States boasts hospitality, unparalleled facilities, diverse populations and diverse lifestyles.
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US hotels always make you feel good about your location in the United States. They offer visitors a reasonably priced amenities.
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Every corner of the United States has valuable destinations like New York on the East Coast that are worth seeing. New York is known as a unique melting pot of cultures and is famous for its horizons. Boston is known as the “Bean City”. Philadelphia is an important political and cultural center for the American Revolution.
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You will find countless museums in the capital city of Washington D.C. Atlanta is also one of the cities that has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years, especially after the 1996 Olympics. Another international tourist destination is Miami and famous for its vibrant Latin culture, exciting nightlife and amazing beaches. When it comes to accommodation you have many options that vary from the cheapest and cheapest hotels in the United States to anywhere in the country.
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For a quieter atmosphere, you can head to the West Coast, from Washington State to California. Los Angeles is a micro-world. You’ll get everything from napkins to riches in Los Angeles. You can visit Orange County in the south to enjoy Huntington Beach surf town. You also have the option of departing for Laguna Beach City in California’s Riviera, where you can feast your eyes on the famous art scene. LA is also famous for Hollywood.

Mexican Travels – Manzanillo – A Gate to Heaven

Manzanillo is located in the state of Colima. Located in Bahia de Santiago (Bay of Hope) with one of the best climates in the world, the lowest crime rate in all of Mexico, world-class fishing, whale watching, bird watching, world-class golf, gorgeous beaches and the opportunity to Living or vacationing in a world-class community.

Manzanillo was founded in 1873 as a port city. Vera Cruise has approved Mexico as the largest volume port in the past year, receiving over 1 million 20 containers annually. Banana, coconut, coffee and organic salt fields are also in the area. Manzanillo has a population of 130,000 but with the city spreading between two beautiful bays, it has the charm of a small town that makes it a magical place to spend your holidays or retirement in peace.

Manzanillo has all the essentials. First Class Hospitals, Health Care (at a Partial US Cost), Proper Dentistry, Bi & Tri Lingual Private Schools, International Airport, Shopping Centers (Wal-Mart, Surianas and others), Churches, Cinemas, Public Transportation , Hi speed internet services, affordable living costs, and much more. Americans and Canadians have been complaining about the area for many years. Easy living and cheap living (under $ 10,000,000 per month) is an opportunity for us to suffer because of the US economic downturn. We foreigners love the attractions and traditions of the Mexican people. Kindness and generosity give a smile to your face. Celebrations and customs are common and a lot of fun to join.

Manzanillo's economy here south of the border has been a success story. With the recent advances in the port industry, a middle class middle class and an increase in foreign tourism have flourished in the last three years. Real estate is steadily increasing and the job market is strong. The future looks bright for Manzanillo.

Discover Manzanillo

You see heaven,

Jeremy Lush

Discover the capital of the second chance

Sin City, City of Lights, World Gambling Capital, World Entertainment Capital, Marriage Capital, Silver City and Second Chance Capital are some of the most popular nicknames in Nevada's most populous city. , Las Vegas given.

It is a major global resort town known primarily for gambling, nightlife, shopping, fine dining and is a leading commercial, cultural and financial center in southern Nevada. This charming city is renowned for having daily casinos, high spirits and limitless entertainment options.

Today, it is one of the top three destinations for business, meetings and conferences. It is one of the top leaders in the hospitality industry, among the top destinations in the world. The most prominent factors in the economy of the city are gaming, convention and most importantly tourism.

Top rated casinos

When it comes to casinos, Las Vegas is the most prosperous city in the world. There are a total of 103 casinos in the city and these are only legal. Some of the most important are:

Bellagio – If you love poker and are ready to spend some serious money on gambling, then Bellagio is the place for you. It includes two high-level glass areas – Bobby's most unique betting room and Club Prive where you can find popular faces from matches on television.

Palace Hotel & Casino – The 14,000-square-foot poker room of Caesar's Palace is one of the largest in the city and is centrally located near the PURE nightclub and large casino sports book.

Wayne Las Vegas – The tranquil and luxurious atmosphere helps your focus make it an ideal place for those who want to play for longer hours.

Encryption in Vin Las Vegas – Founded as a relatively new casino, compared to other casinos, Encore has been able to place a strong premium among the top casinos in the city and offer fewer purchases despite its multiplicity.

Venice Resort Hotel Casino – Another promised point for poker lovers will allow you to feel like a tall roller without being real.

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino – The MGM poker room is a step back compared to other hot photos in the city, but is ideal for low-stakes players.

When to visit

Continuous air conditioning is available almost all year round, but a one-day trip per week is recommended because you can find some cheap Las Vegas flight tickets and one-way cheap flights to Las Vegas. You can also check out some of the hot deals offered by Lookfare on Business Class Flights to Las Vegas.

Can you save money by buying a camera in Bangkok?

Thailand was known as a cheap and exotic vacation destination, but if you want to buy a digital camera on vacation in places like Bangkok, can you save?

We get some email readers from our readers asking us to provide them with information about the prices of their particular cameras. These tend to be Point & Shoot type cameras from the likes of Nikon and Canon, but there are few who are looking for high quality, semi-professional and more professional cameras.

Their common point is that they come to Thailand and will make some shopping in Bangkok before going to the beaches and they want to buy a camera. They think they will probably save some money.

For starters, Thailand has 7% VAT, so you can start by comparing it with your country's VAT rate. You can "save" even if the pre-tax rate is the same. But there is a high duty on imported goods as well, which is often reflected in the price of many products and the cameras are no different.

We have done a lot of research in this area and we know that it varies depending on the exchange rate. The savings can be made one day and in a few weeks, not cheaper.

However, you can save after collecting value added tax at the airport, which means not using the product before leaving the country, causing discontent for those who want to buy and use on weekends.

You probably want a few examples at this point, and we are happy to provide two examples. One is point and shoot and the other is a semi-professional digital SLR.

For point-and-shoot, we randomly chose the Canon Digital IXUS 980 IS because it looks good and because Canon is a leader in the Point & Shoot digital camera market.
For the semi-professional D-SLR, we chose the Nikon D300 (body only) because we want to have one and spend every waking hour to see if we can really handle one.

For the prices, we chose two Thai websites for the prices and then compared those prices to those available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Point and shoot – Canon Digital IXUS 980 IS

Thailand Price:

Website 1:
fotofile.net –
15,900 Thailand Baht with VAT
14,787 Thai baht without VAT

Website 2:
tohome.com –
14,990 Thai baht with VAT
13,941 Thailand Baht without VAT

US Price:
Amazon.com –
$ 310 (Thai Baht 10,635)

This camera is known as: Canon Powershot SD990IS

UK Price:
Amazon.co.uk –
290 pounds (15,715 Thai baht)

Semi-Pro D-SLR – Nikon D300 (body only)

Website 1:
fotofile.net –
53,800 Thailand Baht with VAT
50,034 Thai baht without VAT

Website 2:
No comparisons are available on the website

US Price:
adorama.com –
$ 1697 (Thailand Baht 57,790)

UK Price:
1,099 pounds (59,510 Thai baht)

From the above results, we can see that if you are from the UK, you can save a little on this and shoot, but quite substantial savings (almost £ 200 UK) as long as you claim can be in the semi-profession O done. VAT return on leaving the country.

However, if you are American, it is cheaper to buy points and shoot at home than in Thailand, but a semi-professional camera with and without VAT is also cheaper.

All of this is very interesting about the price but other factors must be taken into account including warranty and honesty and may be lost when buying in Thailand, especially when the legitimacy of the battery is present or the contents in the box.

Want to buy a digital camera in Thailand?

We live in Thailand and have little choice but if we were to go to Singapore or Hong Kong, we would probably wait and buy there because it's cheaper than Thailand. Having said that, though, we are not worried about being eliminated in Thailand because most camera stores, especially dedicated camera stores and large stores, are reliable and honest.

India, a tourist paradise

India is a land of natural beauty, natural flora and fauna, plant and animal life, rich history, lively and pride of cultural heritage and for its hospitality to people who are fascinated by the myriad stories of fascinating stories about India, It's famous. Do not despair of visiting the country and the country. Magnificent snowy mountains, lush climbing valleys, blossoming rivers, green fields, colorful flowers and cheerful fruits, dry deserts, plateaus, hills, tea gardens on the hillsides, gardens, waterfalls, the list goes on and on continues. Every year thousands of tourists from different parts of the world complain about visiting different places, enjoying different festivals, participating in adventure tourism, pilgrimage and more. Role in providing employment to the country's population and economy. The Ministry of Tourism in the country is responsive to the different needs and needs of tourists. Indian Tourism Development Corporation is an Indian government dedicated to taking care of travel needs such as hotels, flights, trains, car rentals and more.

If you are coming to India for the first time, it is advisable to read about the different destinations you are planning to visit and make the perfect accommodation. There are prestigious chain hotels that have luxurious hotels in various tourist areas of the country. You can make your reservations online or by phone using the useful contact information available on your websites. Check out these sites and find out more about the facilities, tour packages, tariffs, and more available here.

If you're traveling on a tight budget, there are countless affordable and high-quality hotels available. Before booking, you need to make sure the neighboring area is safe, convenient transportation is available, and you can interact with the outside world. Book hotels, cars, and more online and enjoy a relatively hassle-free vacation.

The Tourism Board advises tourists to contact only fully authorized, renowned and reliable tour guides and tour operators to ensure a safe journey. These guides must have at least a photo ID issued by the Ministry of Tourism. Make the right transportation that will take you to different parts of the country. If you want to visit remote and somewhat unmanageable areas such as the Ladakh Mountains or the arid desert of Rajasthan or forests, you should take precautionary measures against possible hazards, diseases and so on.

If budget constraints, search for cheap flights to India to arrange flights. There are many websites that provide flight ticket information from different airlines, compare prices and provide you with the best results. You can also find affordable holiday packages in India along with cheap accommodation and transportation. Search different travel ports for the best deals and cheap tickets to India. Just type in your destination and the sites will pick you a list of airline ticket prices.

Welcome to India and enjoy a lifetime of holiday experience!

In August, the jet population drops to a set of Hamptons

The beaches of North Long Island Beach are renowned for their translucent white sand. The Hamptons are one of the main summers for Manhattans and jet jets. As August revolves around the jet, the crown draws its attention from the southern coast of Europe to the unparalleled grace and experience of the Hamptons.

Maybe it's the feeling of American relaxation after 3 months of all-night parties or the Hamptons don't have big hotels and the need for limited B&B home ownership is set to peak in the second half of August. The Hamptons are a quiet and lovely environment that is most comfortable in all places in the Jet Set circuit. Days on the beach. Lunch with a barbecued fish swimming a few hours before the Montauk coat, along with jumbo-sized vegetables grown on the island. Hampton giant tomatoes and grilled American sweet corn are Long Island specialties cheered by fans around the world. After a bottle of wine for lunch and a lazy nap in the hammer, it's time to sprinkle in sandwiches and a hat and stand on your toes so your high heels don't fall off the ground and watch the polo race champagne and stir. . with friends. On cloudy days, few shops in East Hampton fill up, often with a Jacuzzi or home theater movie in personal property, and then a gentle push and pull before a home massage.

Hampton is made up of a series of small towns in a row, each with its own distinct personality. Combining old and new money. The artists complain about Hampton because of Pastel's lighting, reminiscent of southern France. Locals who spend 9 months a year alone go to the gears to host the massive influx of summer resorts. Many locals earn their livelihoods during the summer. The magnificent beauty of beaches and spectacular mansions is found in magazines all over the world. It's just about two hours' drive (no traffic) by car, 40 minutes by helicopter and 25 private planes from New York City. The area offers a range of outdoor activities from kayaking, golf and tennis, swimming, volleyball and more. Exercise, healthy eating, relaxed atmosphere, natural beauty and amazing luxuries all create a temporary paradise.

The Hamptons Season is a steady stream of charity events in spectacular homes such as Ron Pearlman, Stephen Spielberg, Denise Rich or one of the many summer celebrities many celebrities make the Hamptons their summer retreat. It's not uncommon for you to stand in a small shop next to a world-renowned media mogul, commercial giant, musician. There aren't many Paparazzi's; maybe there are just so many social sites that know where to show the camera. If Norman Rockwell painted the rich, he would be in Hampton. The Hamptons is an incredible list of "Who & # 39; s Who" gathered from all over the world, not walking in a red carpet locale but getting up on a table with their feet, their kids They happily shout that the fireflies are extinguished and soaked. The gold player has just cooled off in their pool and begs for someone to eat the tennis ball. In addition, rich people are just individuals as well.

Describe the island of Oahu and the four reasons why you should visit it

Oahu is the third largest island in Hawaii and hosts approximately three-quarters of the state and population of 39 United States. Most people live in Honolulu because it is the center of everything. Honolulu is the largest city on the island of Oahu and the entire state of Hawaii. If you plan to travel to the island, your travel agency will often book a hotel in this great city. Cheap flights to Honolulu and vacation packages are two aspects that deceive tourists around the world. If you want to go on vacation soon, you can choose the island yourself. Although there are seven other islands in Hawaii you can visit, Oahu gives you a taste of everything.

Reasons to visit

A] Wedding and destination parties – Some couples feel that arranging a destination wedding is difficult and expensive. This is not true because they can reduce the guest list and exchange their gifts away from their neighborhood. A couple who come from America no longer have to worry because the main language in Hawaii is English. In addition, it can reduce the cost of flying to another location for honeymoon. Oahu is a beautiful place for both coastal mountains and honeymooners. In addition, you can have your own wedding in accordance with local culture and enhance your celebration in the process.

B. Top-notch hotels and resorts – Most accommodations, especially the ones you can find on the beach, are personalized for special events. They provide guests with high quality services and amenities.

c] Opportunities to learn new cultures – Since Honolulu hosts the majority of the state's population, you can easily mingle with people and learn their cultures. The customs and customs of the culture are varied and interesting. They consist of educational influences from the Philippines, Korea and China, Portugal, Russia and other European countries. In addition, visitors can discover more by visiting the island's historical sites. These include the Bishop's Museum, the Duke of Kohamoku statue, the Lolani Palace and a few others. The Hawaii Agriculture Village is also a higher education center.

D] Tourist Attractions & Activities – Waikiki Beach is for the first time most guests & nbsp; Honolulu is a great place to visit for activities such as fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, sailing and cruising. And learn about the transition to the Pacific Ocean. While on the island, you can try whale watching, mountaineering and hiking in the Kaala Mountains, strolling in Honolulu Harbor or even going to Bay Waimea Bay for expert sightseeing.

If you are going to Honolulu or Oahu for the first time, you should know that traffic is a big challenge. It experiences the worst traffic in the entire United States. The island is relatively small but occupied by some 300,000 people. Since the routes to the overcrowded areas are few, you can expect that the traffic problem is a common problem. This problem is mainly in the early morning and late evening hours. The best Honolulu vacation packages include car rental services that make it easy for tourists to visit the entire island of Oahu.

Five Great Train Trips USA

Amtrak's sleek trains travel to all major US cities and pass some of the spectacular scenery. Their rugged charm separates them from more mundane means of transport, and although this may not be the fastest way to get to speed, it is perfect for surfing. You can choose your companions, read a book, let your thoughts be unpleasant, sleep horizontally, and generally enjoy more home comforts. It's so much more fun to break out on top of the clouds or drive past endless highway billboards.

Amtrak operates almost all US passenger trains and has the following most enjoyable routes:

Zephyr California is one of the world's largest trains running from Chicago to San Francisco through the American heart and the high plains of Colorado and then via the Oregon Trail to the Rocky Mountains. Pioneers also came along, such as Gold Tracker, Pony Express and First Continental Telegraph. After Salt Lake City, you pass the beautiful but dangerous Bonneville Salt Flats and Sierra Nevada.

Sunset Limited's epic journey takes you from the coast to New Orleans to Los Angeles. The train traverses the Mississippi River on the Huey P Long Bridge in Crescent City before traveling through white lions, whites, crocodiles, mansions and sugarcane fields. After San Antonio, he joins the Rio Grande and takes a day to cross the Salmon and Texas shoreline.

Southwest boss travels between Chicago and the Pacific Ocean, part of the Santa Santa Fe route originally used by Native Americans, Spanish conquerors, wagon trains and stage coaches. You cross the Mojave Desert and cross the famous Boot Hill Dodge City landfill. From Williams to Arizona you can travel to Grand Canyon by train.

Crescent from New York to New Orleans through the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Concrete National Park with its dogs and cedars. Beyond Atlanta, sleepy southern cities have upscale public shops and sunflower houses. The train also makes a spectacular passage from Lake Pontchartrain, crossing the water a few miles above a six-mile road.

Starlight Beach operates between Seattle and Los Angeles through Washington, Oregon and California. It traverses some of the tallest mountains in the United States, such as the volcanic volcano, as well as the emerald forests and Twin Peaks waterfalls. Beyond San Luis Obispo, it runs high and rocky routes with magnificent views of the surf and the Pacific coast.

The Best and the Best World Secret, Krakow and Zakopane, Poland

As a former flight attendant, I've visited all European countries except Albania and Poland. Poland is the fifth largest country in Europe and Europe. Aside from Lech Walesa, Copernicus, Pop and a decade of Polish jokes that I never understood, I didn't know anything about this land. However, my interest peaked because it would soon become a hot tourist destination, and because of my family and husband in Chicago. He accompanied me with the joy of discovering his roots. I went on to study and become enriched with something new. We flew to Atlanta just 4 days via JFK and Warsaw. Don't have a rest to get tired of the spinning itinerary. I prefer to visit cities outside the country in the off-season to meet local people. It creates a more authentic and intimate atmosphere.

On arrival at the airport, we are happy to welcome Paul, our driver, around the world. He has a welcome sign of "Souza Davis". I say, "Hi, I'm burning from Atlanta." When he answered, "Yes, it's downstairs in the United States." We explored the Amadeus Hotel, a 16th-century nest inn in the heart of downtown. I'm told Prince Charles once slept in our room.

We were going to hunt for dinner. The old town was a stunning enlightenment and full of youth, it made me feel old. 150,000 students live in this university town. Krakow is Europe's premier party scene, where it stays until the birds sing. This historic district has the highest concentration of bars and restaurants in the world. Suddenly, we discovered the garden of Trout, home of the latest Polish dumplings. They were stuffed with mint, mutton, beef, mulberry, chocolate and even peanut butter. There are 6 types of soups, all of which are separated from beets. After twelve dumplings, I melted a pancake of lamb and melted cheese which was beyond delicious.

Poland has experienced numerous attacks throughout history. Finally, after the invasion of the Germans and then the Russians, it finally gained independence in 1989 with the collapse of Soviet communism. Krakow was wired to destroy the Germans at the end of World War II. After the Russians seized it, they intended to blow it up. Fortunately, the war ended hours before the plan was implemented.

Today it is one of the few cities that remains in its original form. With a population of 780,000, it has become an international international capital. Vibrant and modern, it also retains its traditional culture with regular architecture. In Krakow is where one finds the spirit of the new Poland.

On day 2, we welcomed Anna, who was very nice. We started out on the boulder web in Old Town, which meant hiking. It was a maze of museums, chapels, galleries, cafes and holes in walled pubs. Even in winter there was fun with street dancers, mimes, accordion players and in one corner, I watched a knight in armor dance.

We enter the largest medieval market square, Europe and 39, where it has changed since 1257. The garden is surrounded by the Bell Tower, where a big man watches over the clock. This night makes the residents crazy. A must-see is the fabric salon where fishermen, cloth merchants and bakers have been selling their goods since the 14th century. Now this is an amazing game of crafts stands.

We went to a well-preserved ghetto that now has an artistic personality. Poland once had the largest concentration of Jews in Europe, at about 39 million. The medieval monarchs of Poland noted that they were expelled elsewhere and invited them to boost the economy. Here they were forced to prosper after the Second World War until the Holocaust and Communism. There are only 180 left now. We watched the ghettos filmed by the famous Spielberg movie and went to the Shindler factory by the river.

Rick Steves writes that you should visit a tap bar here. Anna escorts us to one of these government subsidized cafés for the working class. They are an investor from Poland's communist past and 39th. Everything is amazingly cheap. I ordered a bowl of homemade soup and cheesecake for $ 2.

Then we visited Castle Wowel, a twelfth-century masterpiece and a symbol of pride and honor in the city. There were no traits that we walked down the corridors of history. This was the kings residence for 500 years. Anna describes her legend of a fire-breathing dragon named Smok here who eats a virgin for breakfast.

This was reinforced by the discovery of the exotic large bones in the 1400's and 39's. (The bones are actually whale bones because this area in Europe was previously underwater.) So the dragon became a symbol of the city and is everywhere in souvenir shops. Anna then puts us in beautiful churches, always as boring as colors and numbers, yet they were exquisite. I ask if there are Protestants here. He really replied, "Yes, one."

The afternoon was spent checking out the restaurant and hotel. I loved formal greetings and it was always educational. I learn about local cuisine and accommodation at the best price. All hotels are fully booked. Jews and Catholics go on religious pilgrimage or take root tours all year.

Krakow recently ranked in the top 10 European destinations. Now I see why Americans are still drowning in Prague, which I now see with inflation and lower service standards. It ended up being expensive Rome. Ultimately, Krakow may do the same if Poland becomes the Euro in 2012. We can flourish at affordable prices right now. Europeans here complain about savings 50-70 here. Germans and Danes refer specifically to dental and vision needs. Medical tourism is one of the growing plastic surgeries. I met an Austrian flight attendant who flies at half the cost of the spa every month.

We ate dinner at Wierzynek Restaurant, the oldest in the world that had served tourists since 1985. It was a tasty peasant meal made of wild boar, barbecued ribs and lots of potatoes. I ask them to teach me some Polish, a Slavic language that is as impossible as a morsel of alphabet soup. The word toilet has 5 syllables.

On the third day, we woke up to a gray, cold, humid day that gave us the right environment for what we were seeing. Powell drove us 60 kilometers to Auschwitz. We welcomed Yuri, our brilliant personal guide whose only passion was to illuminate us in the unimaginable calamities that took place from 1940 to 1940. I visited Dachau once, but it was the largest concentration camp. The plant has killed 1.4 million people from 27 nations. Most of them were Jewish. The rest were Gypsies, the Soviet Union, Poles, gays, political dissidents, and so on.

We entered the gate that "will set you free". Inside was a powerful reminder that we saw creatures, starving cells, kilos of hair, endless eye glasses, and a pond that was still gray from ash 60 years ago. The biggest regret for me was the kids and teens section. It held a sea of ​​tiny shoes, dolls and detailed German documentation of the 230,000 little children who suffered and died here.

We were driven to the massive Birkenau (Auschwitz II) camp, which had 100,000 wooden barracks built but eventually retained 200,000. In silence together, the three of us walked half a mile to see the ruins of the gas chambers and the monument. At the end of our tour, Yuri said good-bye to us, saying, "We're guiding several Holocaust survivors who have traveled here as tourists. They finally told me that I can't 1. How to present it was really bad. "It was the most emotional touch site my eyes had ever seen.

Late in the afternoon we visited the famous Wieliczka salt mine. This mysterious and vast underground city, 3 miles long, has been extracting salt for 800 years. The World Heritage site attracts one million visitors annually, and today it seems they have all arrived.

Our guide seemed to have an obsession with salt, but that was just the love of his job as a guide. Follow the 836 steps down, he said, which was better than the Stairmaster. The caves created me but this site will stay in my mind forever. Imagine underground sculptures, ornamental sculptures, chandeliers and life-size carvings entirely of salt or restaurant and a post office 380 & # 39; below street level. It was spectacular for centuries the miners and horses spent their lives here. They remain healthy in this rich climate. This has to do with magnesium ions Nowadays people come to the treatment rooms for isolation in the purity of natural air.

Day 4: I constantly search the world for unique things or places to offer my passengers. Today I found it in Zakapan. For years, one of my friends had been insisting that I visit this mountain resort with this funny name that I never remembered. We boarded the pure air of the Tatra Mountains with Eva, our expert guide that day. The 60,000-strong adventure destination will inflate nearly 200,000 people throughout the year, he said. In summer they come for mineral spa and alpine walks. In winter they go skiing. Zakapan hosted the International Ski Jumping Competition that week.

Here was a fascinating city of artists and Giorake, an ethnic group of mountain highlands. These wandering shepherds go back to the fifteenth century. They love their colorful costumes for tourists. They live on cheese or anything else that has chopped cheese. We visited a cheese market the size of Switzerland. As far as my eyes could see, there were sheep and goat cheeses that were artistically sculpted in every way imaginable. We also visited the water park with an Olympic-size mineral-mineral spring pool and mountaineering cables in the mountains to see breathtaking scenery.

It was a productive and enjoyable day tour. I found a local tour company that does fun activities for groups such as jungle horses, dogs with dogs, and new "snow boats" in rubber boats down the mountain. . At the large outdoor market with myriad ethnic booths, I bought a remarkable leather jacket and fur jacket for $ 260 that looked 6 times more expensive.

There I don't like to see you in this short meeting. On my next return, I will do the new "Crazy Communism Tour". Outside the city of Krakow is Noah Huta, when a vigorous socialist suburb of forced industrialization. Huge steel mills surpass rich farmland. The doctor and the professors were sent here to work. There are miles of concrete blocks made to make them.

On the tour you can find Stalin's first-hand gift and $ 39 to Krakow by riding the classic East German Trabant car to Nova Huta. A brunch, pickle and vodka dinner is included followed by dancing at a retro disco in the 70's and 39's.

Under the yoke of communism, the Poles refused to give up religion. "Implementing communism here is like kicking a cow," Stalin said. Faced with such a determined spirit in the people, he succumbed. I am amazed at all the obstacles that this country is becoming.

If you've been there and bought t-shirts in London, Paris, Madrid or Athens, I encourage you to head to undiscovered parts of Europe. Krakow is set to become the next Prague. It comes with history, friendly faces, hearty food, and ruins your pocketbook. If you can visit New Poland, please tell someone about Zakapan, one of the best kept secrets in the world.

Beginning of the discovery

Seeing new and strange things has always been the attraction of travel. However, his journey, though easier and more reliable, has become more expensive. It would be logical to be in a place where one still enjoys the pleasure of discovering and enjoying the costless journeys.

New cities and cultures will always be attractive, but no one can strike as pure beauty as natural wonders. When it comes to natural wonders, nothing compares to the urban nature it has created.

As you remember the rainforest, images of tall canopies come to mind above the foggy green space. Often, one of the first things you think about is the mighty Amazon River that runs through South America. In fact, rain forests host a large number of plants and animals. However, Amazon is not the only place where you can go for a taste of natural beauty.

Costa Rica is home to a wide variety of plants and animals. It may contain 0.1% of the world's and world's farms, but it grows at 5 جهان 0.1% of the world's biodiversity – the highest species density in the world. These wild animals are quite large for a very small country. This is because 25% of the country is made up of protected forests and reserves. Even though Costa Rica is a small country, Costa Rica is famous for its year-round adventure tourism and outdoor activities. And if you're a frequent visitor to the country, having your own Costa Rican real estate allows you to extend your stay and enjoy these activities more.

Costa Rica has an area of ​​5,1100 square kilometers (slightly larger than Switzerland), makes the journey from point to point relatively fast, does not take more than a few hours, and travel. Visiting the national parks has a unique wildlife experience that can easily rival what Amazon has to offer.

Corcovado National Park is world-renowned for its biodiversity among ecologists. Visitors can experience many wildlife such as large cats and large cats, in addition to engaging in eco-tourism activities such as toll lines through the wreath or even just a pavement for the faint of heart.

Tortuguero National Park, also known as "full of turtles," has a wide range of animals. Spiders, shepherds and white capuchin monkeys, three-legged whip, 320 bird species (including eight species of parrots), and a variety of reptiles all reside here. Of course, Tortuguero is best known for its turtles. The endangered green turtle makes this park an annual nesting ground, and this is the most important nesting site. Rare species such as giant turtles, hawks and roundwood turtles also have nests here.

For those with a green thumb, there is Cloud Forest Reserve Monteverde. The park hosts two thousand plant species including numerous orchids. More than four hundred species of birds are found here, and over a hundred species of mammals. Overall, about eight hundred species of birds have been identified in Costa Rica.

Due to the high biodiversity of the region, several pharmaceutical companies are conducting extensive experiments on the life of their plants in the hope of finding new cures for new diseases and diseases. Some scientists speculate that some new species of plants and animals have not yet been discovered here. Who knows, you might just discover one yourself.

Cheap exemptions

Whether it's sun, beaches, skiing, entertainment, romance or relaxing with kids, cheap holidays are for everyone. Let your imagination go wild and see what comes to your mind.

At this difficult financial time we are all looking for deals, whether at our local supermarket, buying a car or booking a vacation.

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You might start looking for a cheap break, but what you really want is money. Where can you go for what you can afford, and does it meet your goals?

You may be looking for heat and sun (after all, we get a little pricey in England!). Consider winter time in the Caribbean, Dubai or anywhere near the equator or south of it.

You may want the bright lights and thrill of a city break. Choose your tour: New York, Boston, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Washington, Chicago, or for ultimate entertainment: Las Vegas.

Ski holidays can be your taste. Select the right time of year and destinations in the United States such as New England, California, Colorado, Utah are all possible places to visit.

If you want this romance, can you find a cheap holiday in Mauritius, Seychelles, Niagara or Maldives? A wonderful destination that will immerse you in these captivating times.

If you catch kids, or you're just a big kid with a heart, you can look for Disney! Disneyworld in Florida includes:

o 2 excellent water parks
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It really goes through all your troubles.