According to TokenInsight, the “healthy distribution” of the market is at our disposal, with bitcoin dominance (BTC) and the quality of altcoins ultimately declining.

The agency released its annual cryptocurrency report for 2019 stating that the crypto market as a whole will see a stronger move as a whole, and that will include a number of reductions, “strengthening the bubble market fundamentals.” Positive long-term impact.

Altcoins’s 2019 was a year of rapid growth, TokenInsight says, though BTC dominated the market. However, “Bitcoin’s dominance will see a reasonable decline, followed by Bull [Altcoins] marketing the market more healthily,” they wrote.

This year Bitcoin’s dominance, or the market’s total discount rate, dropped by 4 percentage points and now drops to 63%.
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As for this source of transportation, its main drivers, as well as sustainability, are the agency’s senior analyst Johnson Ko, who agrees that it’s “largely true” that most market participants are considering Bitcoin mostly or only. However, Shaw said that given the significant interest of institutional investors in Bitcoin and Ethernet (ETH), TokenInsight estimates it will “gradually shift to a higher percentage of interpretation,” though somewhat limited.

When there is no Bitcoin bull, there is a high correlation between it and corporations. However, it is unrealistic for BTC’s dominance to grow infinitely, which means it will have to fall at some point for BTC profits to shift to Talkins. So in Shaw’s opinion, the Altcoins bull run would simply be a healthy market breakdown.

Further, as the market trend begins to rise, if there is a significant increase in the BTC price at the beginning of this front, retail investors will start in FOMO territory (fear of losing), Shaw said. At this point, while some are buying BTC, others are focusing on Altcoin as they become more accessible, and their knowledge of the new market’s internal operation is limited. However, retail investors are the ones who are pushing at some point.


Book review of "Zero Rejection Prospecting" by Norbert Orlewicz and Michael J. Durkin


The review of this Zero Rejection Prospecting book will cover what I feel are some of the strengths of this excellent book. As a personal friend of Norbert Orlewicz and Michael J Durkin (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the “Live The Dream Event” in Las Vegas 2010) I pretended to be as impartial as possible. Here is my review.
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The book begins with Mr. Norbert Orlewicz recounting his first adventures in Network Marketing in Vancouver, Canada. He talks about dreaming when he was a kid watching “Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous” (he used to watch that show too!) And become a big hit one day.
cheap tickets
He tells the story of his struggle and disappointment at the beginning of his career as a Network Marketer. It is an inspiring story, because it shows that anyone of any kind of life can be a success in this industry if they have the will and determination to do so. Norbert went from giving corner surveys, making cold calls and paying for unskilled customers to now become a 7-figure winner in this industry. It was definitely a deeper look at what it takes to succeed and the universal struggle we all have to endure for our businesses to function.
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A key point that the book emphasizes is the fact that traditional forms of marketing are rapidly being replaced by newer ones. It emphasizes the point that online strategies MUST be acquired if you want to build your business in the long term. Traditional methods, such as belly-to-belly prospecting, are not discouraged, but should actually be used as a hybrid with Internet marketing. Together online and offline strategies are the combination to create.
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Mr. Michael J. Durkin, known as “Prospect Trainer of North America” ​​with more than 30 years of experience in this industry (and an 8-figure winner!) Is engaged in telephone prospecting and how to have conversations. With potential customers. This part of the book is really invaluable because most people are afraid to pick up the phone and call their prospects. I enjoyed the way Mr. Durkin described the process and made it pleasant to read with his sense of humor and his warm nature.
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This book breaks down everything! Give what you should and should not do with marketing, which marketing strategies are effective and which ones waste time. Briefly add friends on social networks, how to create an effective blog and what data to look for when tracking a campaign. It also deals with the conversion of potential customers into sales and how to close the deal.
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Zero rejection prospecting is essential if you are serious about learning to avoid rejection and want to know how to take advantage of the Internet in a powerful way. I recommend that you add it to your existing arsenal of Network Marketing books. This is a quick read, but the information you will get from it will remain with you throughout your career.



Pros and cons of rapid response goalie training, an ice hockey goalie training program


An ice hockey training program for goalkeepers is not common on the Internet. Actually, an ice hockey training specifically aimed at goalkeepers is not as common in the real world either. It makes sense. It is in absolute numbers. Each hockey team has five skaters and a goalie on the ice at any given time, if there are no penalties. An NHL team wears eighteen skaters and two goalkeepers for each game. The proportions are obvious. There are fewer goalkeepers, so there are fewer programs for them. It makes sense. Rapid Response Goalie Training has become a standout in the world of dryland hockey training for archers, a rarity within a rarity. Let's try its pros and cons.


  1. It is the creation of Maria Mountain, MSc, from London, Ontario, Canada. A certified strength and conditioning specialist, she is a leading developer of dryland training programs for archers and skaters, so she knows the difference between the needs of archers and archers. She knows what exercises fit both, and perhaps most importantly, what exercises fit one but not the other.
  2. It is used by leading goalkeeping coaches, such as Steve McKichan, a former NHL goalkeeper (Vancouver Kanucks) who shortened his career due to injury and became a Toronto Maple Leafs goalkeeper coach. Today, in the many camps and goalkeeper schools she runs, she uses Mrs. Mountain's methods.
  3. It is very focused on the goalkeepers. The understanding that goalkeepers need an exercise program outside the ice different from skaters is perhaps their strongest point. It does not waste your time on exercises that are not specifically beneficial for goalkeepers, or that are not hockey oriented at all.
  4. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee. From your risk point of view, that is also important.


  1. It is completely a training program outside the ice. He doesn't tell you what to do once you put on the skates and load that mass of equipment on yourself, even though the exercises on it will help your performance on the ice a lot.
  2. That is in a nutshell.



Where have you been, neon signs and where are you going?


Many experts in the field of lighting believe that the overall outlook for neon signage seems to be very optimistic. Neon signs have a record 100 years of successful use in advertising. If there were no neon signs, cities and towns would be darker places and the neon sign industry would cease to exist, but that is not likely to happen.

Let's start with general information about neon, such as why it is used, other uses than advertising, where it is used here and in other countries, neon signage worldwide and much more. Everyone knows that its main use is for advertising and that is what keeps the neon sign industry going, but it has many other uses that are beneficial to the public. Do you enjoy watching TV? Neon is used in television tubes. Do you have a neon wall clock? Neon lighting is used at home and in many businesses to enhance and highlight dark areas. It is used in gas laser is used to eliminate eye cataracts and for other medical problems. Many people have flown, but did you know this? It has been used in beacons and pilots can see it 20 miles away when it was impossible for them to see other types of lights. Neon lights can be seen through the fog. Many travelers have found it very useful when looking for a motel on a foggy night. Neon does all this and more.

However, the largest and best known use of neon is in neon signs. What makes it so useful for signs? There are two reasons for this. The first neon is a first-level electricity conductor, and secondly it has the surprising ability to emit light that can be seen over great distances. As difficult as it is to believe that neon technology began in Europe in 1675. It is not that neon signs were invented then, but only the idea that would become the modern neon sign. In fact, oddly enough, electricity has not yet been discovered. These two ideas developed independently because neither depended on the other being in place.

It was not until 1910 that in Paris, a man named Georges Claude came up with the idea of ​​neon signs. His first effort was a sign for a barbershop in that city. How and when they first arrived in the United States. Earle Anthony, the owner of a car dealership in Los Angeles, apparently heard about neon signs and visited Paris. The result was two Packard neon signs that he bought for $ 1,250. It was the year 1923. The idea spread rapidly because both companies and the public took over this new concept in advertising. Traditional poster advertising was affected by the bright explosion of neon signs. These first signs were called "liquid fire", no doubt, because the bright red light they emit seems to mean danger.

The first sign that arrived in Las Vegas was a sign that announced a place called "Oasis Cafe House." Who then realized that the city would become one of the two main neon showcases in the country? It was a remarkable event, but few people thought much more than that.

When talking about neon signs in the United States, the Las Vegas Strip (or "The Strip", as it is usually called) and Times Square in New Yok City are the logical starting points. It's easy to see how they won their titles. Both receive millions of visitors every year who see neon screens that are almost blinding. Las Vegas may have an advantage over Times Square because it receives many more visitors due to its casinos that offer the city's neon display. By comparison, Times Square signs are subject to more frequent changes due to the fact that businesses in that city change often, while Las Vegas has casinos that are the basis of the city's revenue and casinos are always in the business.

The Las Vegas Strip is home to a famous iconic neon sign that was erected in 1959. The sign was the idea of ​​Betty Willis, who worked for a local sign company. The sign contained the words "WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS NEVADAS". The sign was never copyrighted because Willis considered it his gift to the city. This sign is synonymous with the City of Las Vegas. The Willis sign is number one on the list of the 10 most impressive neon signs in the world. Las Vegas also houses the world's largest neon sign that bears Hilton's name and is owned by Hilton Hotel Corporation. This sign was erected in 1996 and covers more than 70,000 feet, Hilton's name is 164 feet wide and the letters are 28 feet high. With a price of approximately $ 9 billion, it could easily be called the most expensive neon sign in the world.

Times Square received its first neon sign in the mid-1920s. The density of the light signs in Times Square has reached the point where it starts running on the Las Vegas Strip. This density is the result of the smaller size of Times Square compared to that of the Las Vegas Strip that stretches for miles. In any case, both locations are full of thousands of posters.

By directing our attention to these two neon shop windows, there are other places in the United States that have notable neon signs. However, they are naturally not at the same level as the neon signage giants mentioned above. In Elk City, Oklahoma, at the National Route 66 Museum, proudly displays the iconic Route 66 neon sign. The city of Saginaw, Michigan, states that it has the largest neon sign in the state and the most Great of the nation. The neon signs in the figure show humans and animals. This neon sign is 35 feet tall and fifty feet long.

The list of the top 10 neon signs in this country has many neon signs that are known nationally. Many of them have been gone a long time ago. All of them once lit up a city street. The number one is Boston, which had its Schrafftt sign n, which was a symbol of the company's candy and chocolate business. The second place on the list went to the "Vegas Vic" sign that stood on Fremont Strees Street from 1951 until about 1995 when it was removed.

In position number three is the sign of the Great Bear of the Grain Belt in Minneapolis, which was used for many years since it was installed in 1940 and is now for sale. The fourth is the Coppertone Girl sign that was erected on Miami's Biscayne Boulevard to announce the company's product, suntan lotion. It was a landmark of the city and was there from 1959 until the 1990s. What made the sign so remarkable was the puppy that was pulling the girl's swimsuit. Next on the list is the Skipping Girl sign from Abbotsford, Australia. It was called "Little Audrey" and announced the product of the Nycander Company, sugar. He left in 1968, but due to public outrage over the loss of this milestone, it was replaced by a replica in 1970. The "Made in Oregon" sign from Portland, Oregon, which announced that sugar was erected in 1941. It changed over the years and remained in place when the company left the building in the 1950s.

The Westinghouse Company sign in Pittsburgh at number seven. It had been in operation since the early 1920s and was demolished in 1998. Occupying the eighth place is the Magikist & # 39; s Company of Chicago with its advertising posters. The 41,400 pound lips on this sign were considered a city landmark. However, all the neon signs mentioned above disappeared. The number nine sign, the Reno Arch in Reno, Nevada, which was built in 1927 and still stands strong. The last on the list is the Traveler's # Umbrella umbrella sign that can be found in Des Moines, Iowa. It was built in 1963 and still in operation.

No mention of neon signs would be complete without including a list of the 10 most impressive examples in the world of neon signs. It should not be surprising that the number one on the list is the iconic WELCOME TO Fabulous LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, the neon signage. This is followed by the Times Square screen. Third place goes to the Hong Kong 15-minute skyline light show. The next place belongs to Osaka's Dotonbun signage, which was the inspiration for the movement, "The Blade Runner." Shanghai Najinj Street takes position number five with Ginza and Shibuya from Tokyo occupying the number six spot. The Vegas Boneyard (where old and iconic Las Vegas posters are restored and displayed) is as follows. This is followed by signage showing vintage Times Square neon signs from the 1920s to the 1950s.

As for the last two on the list, the Caesar & # 39; s Palace neon signage is in ninth place and Bankok's soi cowboy road completes the list. It is interesting to note at this point that, at an earlier time, the world famous Piccadilly Circus in London would surely have been near the top of this list. He received what many have called the first neon sign to come to Europe, a popular soda sign, which was replaced by a new version in 2003. However, today all the neon signs in Piccadilly Circus are in a building with all the names. Big international corporations.

Many organizations have emerged throughout this country. Its purpose is to collect, restore and display old and classic iconic neon signs. One of them is the Philadelphia Neon Museum, which opened in 1983 and shows corporate neon signs. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas has iconic neon signs for casinos and closed businesses. It has more than 150 historic neon signs restored and not restored. It is not for profit and was established in 1996. The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio, was founded in 1999 and has more than 2,800 posters of all kinds, including neon. The Los Angeles Neon Museum opened in 1981 with the intention of preserving old neon signs and other neon art forms. In a related line, a gallery and workshop called Let There Be Light opened in New York City in 1972 to train artists on how to use neon.

After the use of light signs began in the United States, other cities followed, albeit at a much slower pace. Tokyo seems to be one of the first cities outside the United States to obtain them. They settled in a city park in 1926. The first in Australia appeared in a suburb of Melbourne in 1930. Johannesburg, South Africa got the first in 1935. India did not get the first until about 1940. Shanghai, China had to wait until 1982 To get your first. Puskin Square in Moscow received its first poster in 1989. It was a popular soda poster. Stockholm. Sweden received its first around 1936. On the other hand, Zurich Switzerland is reputed to have no neon signs.

Even so, there are some cities in the world that have banned the use of neon signs within their jurisdictions. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, trying to combat his country's growing power problem, banned them and the luminous signs. In January 2010, the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is the fourth largest city in the world, prohibited them from trying to stop their growing pollution problem. In the United States, in 1996, the city of Avon, Connecticut, passed an ordinance prohibiting the use of what they called exposed tubes, but the neon signs enclosed in plastic were fine. City residents questioned the reasoning behind this ordinance. More recently, a ban on the production and sale of illuminated tubes came into effect in Vermont and Massachusetts with other states seeking to do the same. Illuminated tubes that do not use mercury are allowed.

The city of Madrid, Spain, has an ordinance that prohibits all light signs in the city center to reduce pollution, conserve energy and make the city more aesthetically pleasing. This ordinance covers all the neon used in pharmacies, theater tents, commercial signs and bars. Madrid had had luminous signs for more than 70 years until now. The city of Duluth, Georgia, prohibits neon signs, and although these signs are not prohibited in Mesa, Arizona, current city ordinances and policies weigh heavily against the survival of illuminated signs. signs.

From the 1960s there was a movement in the United States and Canada against the light signals. The city of Vancouver prohibited the use of these signs in what were once brightly lit streets that later turned into dark corridors that left the city with a cold and heartless look.

Since we are talking about neon signs, it might be a good idea to have an idea about the neon sign industry. In 2008, the total revenue of the neon sign company was approximately $ 2.9 billion. The sign industry, as a whole, had revenues of around $ 11 billion. At that time there were about 35.00 sign shops, including luminous sign shops, in this country. These amounts have grown in the following years.

How much is a commercial neon sign? That is really hard to say. However, when it comes to the prices that collectors could pay for them, there are some figures available that show what they have paid for very precious luminous signs. In fact, in June 2006, at a souvenir sale, an illuminated sign of the Thunderbird Hotel sold for $ 26,000, while one that said Cloud 9 sold for $ 21,275., And the star part of a Holiday sign Inn sold for $ 3,220. This shows what people are willing to pay for collectible neon signs. Prices for the commercial type vary according to size and other factors.

Now is the time to compare neon signs with another form of lighting, the LED. Before entering the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods, since they belong to their commercial use.

Let's start by seeing what an LED is and some information about it. The letters LED mean light emitting diodes. The LED was first used as a replacement for incandescent indicators and for laboratory equipment screens. It was later used in televisions, watches, radios, indicators and calculators. It is not only until recently that LED prices have fallen allowing sales in residential and commercial markets. Outdoor lights and Christmas lights are part of the LED home lighting products. With the current energy crisis and some foreign countries looking for ways to reduce energy costs, LED lighting companies can probably expect a profitable future when it comes to their products.

Now that we have a practical knowledge of LED lighting, we can make a more fair comparison with neon signs, since we mention the good points and the bad points of each. The basis for comparison is the use of the two lighting methods in advertising.

First, with respect to the use of neon signs, the advantages are the following: they have a very long life when used correctly, the neon has a very high operating range and can operate with very high voltages using AC or DC current, not always They require special power supplies, and these signs have very low energy consumption. A unique advantage, which only neon signs enjoy, is that they can be done anyway. This very important advantage, the ability to bend makes it ideal for use in advertising, wall clocks and lighting for homes and businesses. Finally, it is economical for small indicators and decorative lights.

Neon signs also have their disadvantages. They have a low light output for the input power, they only produce a small range of the color spectrum, they produce only one color at a time, they require a large surface area for general lighting and their use is expensive as signs and screens.

The advantages of using LED lights are these: the US Department of Energy. UU. It is expected that the cost of producing LEDs will decrease below that of compact fluorescent lamps called CEL in approximately 2013, high level of energy efficiency, more durable, long product life and reduced heat load in space (an additional benefit of reduced use of energy).

The disadvantages of using LED lighting include that "warm" lighting generated by LEDs is more expensive than "cold" lighting, LEDs are more expensive than some more traditional lighting concepts, selection and limited options, color quality and lack Product standardization.

The purpose of this article was to provide on the many topics related to neon signs that the general public does not know frequently. What the future holds for each of these types of lighting is difficult to predict. Simply referring to the material presented, the most reasonable answer could be that both will be in use for some time, but that could easily change due to improved designs and advances that could be developed, changes in the economy or any other one of a number of other factors. . Both industries have very large financial resources and will do whatever it takes to get most of the signage market.

In the final analysis, there are two basic factors that will influence the sign industry with respect to profits and investment. Companies want to use whatever method they find most successful. The consideration of future advances in technology with respect to each form of lighting, prices and many other factors is crucial, in addition to examining the advantages and disadvantages of each. Another idea is which attracts a better response from the buying public. This may well be the deciding factor. Like all industries, these two competitors will undoubtedly consider market research studies as a reliable guide for decision making. Each of these two systems has only one goal in common and is the same as any business or company and is trying to make the right decisions that generate the most money and that is the name of the game.



Luxury left coast


After a 45-minute boat ride, our BC Ferry docks at Otter Bay on Pender Island, or the "Penders," as locals say. The two Penders (north and south islands) once joined a broad neck of land known as the Indian Portage. A narrow channel was dredged in 1903 to benefit the steamboat trip through the Gulf Islands. The islands remained separate until a single-lane bridge was built in 1955.

The Penders have a mild climate, many parks and hiking trails, and almost forty access points to the beach. South Pender has approximately 10% of the population, has fewer roads and much virgin natural vegetation. North Pender has the majority of the population. There is no city center, but there is a small shopping area (Driftwood Center) with a service station, restaurants, supermarkets, drug stores, liquor stores, banks and bakeries.

We drive the 15 km from Hope Bay to Poet & # 39; s Cove Resort and Spa. We met the super friendly staff at the reception. "Why is the resort called Poet & # 39; s Cove?" I ask. In the next two days, nobody can give me an answer, but the impressive architecture, interior design and serenity of the complex make it easy to understand.

As we explore the complex, we find solid wood, granite and soft colors combined to perfection, creating a general feeling of warmth and comfort. There are three types of accommodation in the complex: villas, cabins and lodge rooms. Each of these is tastefully decorated and offers views of the Marina and the Bedwell Harbor. It is easy to see why any poet worth his weight in salt would find this beautiful, romantic and comfortable complex truly inspiring.

Making an extra effort is evident in every detail, from heated bathroom floors, solid wood doors, night fireplaces, granite countertops and private hot tubs, to welcome cards, chocolate truffles, toiletries and folded towels . Our cabin has a deck heater, barbecue and hot tub. It seems someone really cares.

Our stay at the resort would not be a stay at the resort without a treatment at the Susurrus Spa ("whispering sound"), so we booked a massage and a pedicure. The spa is spacious with six treatment rooms. Outside, on the deck, there is a sandstone steam cave complete with a large waterfall and a jacuzzi at the bottom. Service options include facials, body wraps, manicures, pedicures, massages and beauty treatments. When we emerge later, we can see satisfaction in the face of the other.

After a dip in our private jacuzzi, we spend a restful night in our cabin overlooking the marina. We woke up the next morning and headed to breakfast at the Aurora restaurant, a luxurious dining room with attentive staff. Breakfast is excellent and serves some of the best "bennies" on the west coast! Later that night we return to dinner. We follow the suggestions of our waiter Andrés and we are very rewarded. While we sat in front of a warm campfire drinking red wine with Andres serving us excellent food, it's easy to say we were in a first class resort! Everything about Poets Cove is first class.

A visit to the activity center surprises us with what is available. Whale watching, eco-tours, vineyards, fishing, sailing, diving and kayaking. The complex has two swimming pools and a well-equipped gym.

To complete our visit to the Penders, we visited several local businesses. The first is Blood Star Gallery. We had noticed the works of art by Susan Taylor in the dining room of Poet's Cove. Its gallery is at the southern end of Pender Island and has incredible views of Mount Baker. Paintings, drawings and folk art by Susan Taylor and Frank Ducote are inspired by the surroundings of the sea and the island.

We take a look at Sahhali Oceanfront Luxury Bed and Breakfast and meet the new owners Frank and Michelle Hiebert. Show us your most recent renovations of your spectacular accommodations in Oak Bluff!

Carol Hoffmann at Ferndale B&B is very kind to show us her place even though she has a house full of guests. Spacious rooms and a comfortable lounge for guests are the highlights of this B&B.

Ken and Jean Daley, very friendly hosts, operate a Place of Your Own B&B. They offer a private suite on the lower floor with a private entrance overlooking the Navy Channel. It has a terrace near the water for storage of kayak or canoe. It is a great place to practice kayaking, as it faces a protected channel where Mayne Island is located.

At Renaissance Gallery you can buy unique homemade jewelry and look for unusual antiques. Peter & Tessa Emmings & # 39; Arcadia by the Sea has a heated pool, hot tub, tennis court and some small cabins. A great place for a family vacation. In Hope Bay Marina we find Pender Island Kayak. This is a great protected place to launch a kayak adventure.

After our day of exploring the Penders, we had dinner at the Islander restaurant in North Pender, near the ferry dock. This elegant restaurant is located in a renovated house on the water and serves exceptional food. Georgina, the owner, is a top-level chef and an excellent hostess. During the low season, she makes a real effort to unite the community. Some of their events include a "guest chef" night, "starving artists night" and a pajama party. Visiting tourists are always welcome. Our food is delicious and desserts are divine.

The next day we headed to the ferry dock to return to Victoria. For years I have been hearing about the hamburgers that are served in "The Stand", on the ferry dock. I try one. Believe me, I am not disappointed.

PS In case you don't know, the west coast of Canada is often known (jokingly) as the "left coast".



It's a Jersey thing: 5 unconventional hockey jersey styles


Hi everyone,

As some of us know as hockey fans, we definitely have our favorite team and we definitely have our favorite shirt.

The way some of us see or wear our shirts are sometimes very different from each other.

Some of us are very happy to just get the home shirt of our favorite unnamed team on the back. They simply show support for the team they are cheering for. Some of us want the authentic cut shirt that players wear on the ice; That is if you are an unconditional fan.

No matter how you use it, no matter when you use it, the only thing that matters is that you are doing it for the game you love and nothing else.

Sometimes, you can see a shirt and think; "Hey, that's an interesting design." Someone can post a picture of him on the Internet and could receive some attention on social networks. Some of you can stop scrolling and take a good look and give it a quick like. Some of you can look a little more and discover that the shirts are for a charitable cause. Some of these jersey designs are great and others are completely ridiculous, but it is worth laughing or causing an amazing reaction. Many of these shirts are made for promotional efforts and auctioned for charities and that is just another reason why hockey is one of the best sports on Earth. Sometimes, however, the cause goes beyond the colors of the shirt. There is definitely a cultural symbolism with some of these shirts. Some of which have caused some controversy.

Military-inspired camouflage sweaters:

Many NHL teams are on board with the use of these military-inspired shirts during warm-ups to support and recognize the national military. Fans have polarizing views of these shirts, but they are not intended to promote style, but to promote a good cause. Some people have said that these shirts do not serve a purpose and do not help the military, BUT if you care how it helps the military, you should know where your money goes before buying army-inspired merchandise.

The MSE Foundation (Monumental Sports & Entertainment) recently raised $ 46,000 during a game at the home of Washington Capitals on February 5, 2016 by auctioning military-inspired Washington Capitals shirts. The funds acquired are used to help the families of soldiers serving in the military, soldiers with PTSD and war amputees. The shirts were autographed and sold during the event. Not only were these shirts sold to raise funds; Equipment such as records, helmets, canes and others were also sold to raise funds for this honorable cause.

It is mainly in these private auctions where money is raised for these types of charities. Most official sports outlets that offer military camouflage shirts are only sold for profit, unless otherwise stated that the proceeds from each sale go to a charity. Some retail stores sell these shirts, but not others because they do not want a controversial image of the use of military fashion for quick profits. It is not only about shirts where the camouflage design is used, but also of hats, hats and shirts. Soldiers who have served in the military do not like the fact that retail outlets use the military image for profit because it is a weak expression of support for the army, plus the image of the army is used for promotional purposes. that corporations can make a profit.

Star Wars themed jerseys:

It is easy to admit that these shirts are & # 39; ready to wear & # 39 ;. in terms of jersey design. For Star Wars fans who love hockey, they are some of the most epic t-shirt designs ever. The Vancouver Giants and Saskatoon Blades of the WHL (Western Hockey League) had a Star Wars night in honor of the most successful box office success of 2015; Star Wars – The Force Awakens.

The Star Wars night for Saskatoon Blades was held on November 28, 2015 and the entire Saskatoon Blades team wore these shirts for their home game against the Edmonton Oil Kings. The shirts were not only intended to bring nerds to hockey games, but were for charity. The shirts worn by the players were signed by the players and auctioned after the game. The proceeds of the auction went to the food banks of Saskatchewan.

The Vancouver Giants also had their own version of these beautiful Star Wars shirts, but unlike the Blades, the Giants went to the "dark side." The Giants used them for their home game on December 4, 2015 against the Kootenay ice. Like what the Blades did, the Giants team also signed these shirts and auctioned them for charity. The proceeds went to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

LA Dodgers Pride Night Jerseys:

The Los Angeles Kings have a & # 39; Dodgers Pride Night & # 39; once a season It is based on the partnership agreement between Los Angeles Kings and Los Angeles Dodgers, a Major League Baseball team. It is a promotion as well as a beneficial cause for the two main sports teams. Fans attending this annual event not only watch the game, but get a baseball with the Los Angeles theme and the chance to win prizes in the game.

Dodger-inspired hockey sweaters that were used to warm up were signed and auctioned after the game. The proceeds went to the Kings Care Foundation.

Flint Firebirds "Tropics" Jerseys:

Based on the 2008 blockbuster Semi-Pro, these shirts were an excerpt from Flint Tropics, the name of the basketball team in the movie. Since we're talking about the Flint Firebirds here, wouldn't it be convenient to have the Flint Tropic hockey jerseys approved by "Jackie Moon" for a promotional event?

That's exactly what the Flint Firebirds did when they organized a "Flint Tropics Night" in Flint, Michigan. The Firebirds organized the Owen Sound Attack on February 13, 2016 for the event. It was a great highlight for the Firebirds, as they were having a horrible season dealing with numerous property disputes and many losing games. The shirts were auctioned after the game for charity and one night the fire birds and fans had fun regardless of the outcome of the game.

St. Patty Day hockey jerseys:

Like military shirts, St. Patrick's Day shirts are used by many NHL teams for pre-game warming, but without controversy. It's a great promotion, since St. Patty's day is very popular and, if you didn't guess it, the pre-game warming equipment is signed and auctioned for charitable purposes by many teams. Whether it is an NHL team or a junior league team that participates in this, it is a very popular event in Canada and the United States. It always produces excellent results because it is a great excuse to celebrate spring and a great reason to ask some Guinness pints for you and your friends.

How could anyone hate St. Patrick's Day?



How to play defense one on one


1] Stay between the advance and the network.

When you play hockey defense, you can never go wrong with the basic principle of staying between the opposing player and the net. One by one they are a perfect example.

Keep it out

When a hockey player from the other team heads to his area with the puck, his goal is to keep him out towards the boards. Your chances of scoring from outside are much less than if you hit inside. The best way to do it is with the position of your body. If the player enters through the ice half, stand directly in front of him.

Own the center lane

If it comes by the wing, line it slightly towards the center of the ice. Your outer shoulder should be more or less aligned with your inner shoulder. This encourages him to try to hit you outside, where it is least a threat. Imagine a wide imaginary lane in the middle of the ice and keep the other player out of that lane. The hard part is controlling the amount of space, or the gap, between you and the other player.

2] Control the gap

A space that is too wide will allow the forward to cut inwards. Or, it can give you enough space to approach the goalkeeper for a shot, using it as a screen. You don't want the space to be much wider than about two lengths of a hockey stick.

A gap too narrow, and you run the risk of letting it surround you if you can't control it.

Willie Mitchell of the Canucks uses a much more deceptive approach. In an interview with the Vancouver Sun, Willie explains how he attracts the striker to "Take the candy."

"I call him taking candy," Mitchell said Monday, explaining his ability to attract opposing strikers. "The hockey game is about putting someone in a position where they react, so they take the candy."

"When I have my gap [defending an opposing striker], I hold my cane very close to my body, so it seems that there is a lot of ice in front of me. The striker wants to make his move as close as possible to the defense. Possible because he wants that the defender bites so that [the forward] can surround him. They enter to make a move, they take the candy, but then I take out my stick and take out the disc. this is how I play it.

"In the defensive zone, it's the same way. I'll give them the pass and they think: Oh, I'll make the back door of the pass. But I gave them that space. Now they make the pass; they take the candy." And I will put my stick there and break it.

"He wants to put them in an awkward position. Instead of taking the candy, he wants me to take it."

Even after the striker makes his move, try to stay between him and the net. It won't stop them all, but it will make them as hard as possible.

3] Look at your hips

One on one in hockey can be tricky against an experienced record carrier. These guys are dying to get you crazy and score that outstanding goal on the reel. Watching your hips will help prevent you from being dazzled in your own area.

Mr. Deke

Once you have positioned yourself correctly between the opposing hockey player and the net, Mr. Deke He will try to pretend in any way he can. As you know, Mr. Deke has a hockey bag full of tricks. My shorts have been taken too many times by guys like this. The infamous finger drag usually catches me. Mr. Deke attracts me with the disc strategically placing it just within my reach, sucking me to try a poke-check. But he is far ahead of me. As soon as I reach the disc, he pulls out his patented drag maneuver and goes through me. The next one thinks that I know he is behind me, eliminating the goalkeeper too. I hate getting undressed with these guys.

Don't look at the disk

The best hockey advice they have given me about this is to observe their hips as they approach you. An experienced striker will try to pretend to you with the disc, head, shoulders, a change of speed or anything else that has gotten under his sleeve. If you focus on his chest or the crest of his shirt, he can even see you with the entire upper body. The worst thing you can do is look at the disc. Keep the disc in your peripheral vision, but do not look at it.

Hips do not lie

He won't go anywhere without his hips, so keep your eyes on them. A hip cannot be dropped like a shoulder, or move quickly like a false head. With eyes at waist level, it is also a little easier to keep the disc within your peripheral vision. Look at his hips, not the disc.

4] Keep your cane in front

Hold your stick on the ice in front of you, with one hand on the stick. Not in the air, not aside. Pointing your stick to the incoming hockey player allows you the flexibility to swing it to any side that tries to surround it.

Be patient

Let the striker make the first move, then react to it. If you throw yourself into the disk and fail, you can find yourself directly out of the game.

I used to sweep my stick from side to side. Against slower hockey players, sometimes I could put my stick on the disc and slow down, or even hit the disc on the boards. But it doesn't always work. Hot Shots often timed their movement just after one of my stellar attempts. My cane would be on one side and they would surround me on the opposite side. Burned again.

If you notice that the striker has problems with the disc, that is the time to try a poke-check. Otherwise, just keep your stick in front and get ready when he makes his move.



The 4 Chicago Blackhawks with 100-point NHL stations


The Chicago Blackhawks entered the National Hockey League for the 1926-27 season. It was a great year of expansion for the league with the New York Rangers and the Detroit Cougars (later renamed Red Wings) that also joined. At that time, the league consisted of ten teams.

The Blackhawks have seen many ups and downs, as would any team that has existed for almost nine decades. Many great players have come and gone. Only four of those players were able to produce 100 or more points in a single regular season. Two of those players accomplished the feat on more than one occasion.

Bobby hull

Bobby Hull was the first Chicago player to overcome 100 points. In 1968-69, Hull scored 58 goals and added 49 assists for 107 points in 74 games. At that time, the 58 goals were an NHL record. Bobby finished second in the league, behind the 126 points of Phil Esposito. Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings also surpassed 100 that season. These were the first three times that the 100 point barrier had been broken in the NHL.

Hull played for the Blackhawks from 1957-58 until 1971-72. It was the only time he exceeded 100 points in the NHL, but he did it four times in the World Hockey Association with the Winnipeg Jets.

Denis Savard

Denis Savard became the second Chicago player to overcome 100 points with 119 in 1981-82. It was his first of five performances during his days with the Blackhawks. His 131 points in 1987-88 remain as a team record today. Twice, Savard finished third in the race for Art Ross Trophy. In 1982-83, his 121 points were behind Wayne Gretzky of Edmonton Oilers and Peter Stastny of Quebec Nordiques. His team's 1987-88 record season saw him finish behind Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Gretzky.

Denis played two seasons with Chicago, from 1980-81 until 1989-90 and from 1994-95 until 1996-97. The third general selection of the Blackhawks in 1980 played a total of 1,196 games of the regular season of the NHL and totaled 1,338 points.

Steve Larmer

Steve Larmer surpassed the 100-point plateau in 1990-91 with 101. He scored 44 and helped 57 in 80 games to rank tenth in the league. Larmer was originally a pick from the sixth round of the Blackhawks in 1980, 120 overall. In 1982-83, he won the Calder Memorial Trophy as the best rookie in the NHL with a 90-point performance in more than 80 games. Steve played a total of 1,006 games of the NHL regular season during his career with the Blackhawks and the New York Rangers.

Jeremy Roenick

In 1993-94, Jeremy Roenick was the last Chicago player to reach 100 points with 107. He marked his third consecutive season at the top of the plateau and his second consecutive season of 107 points. In 1991-92, he reached 103 points and tied for seventh place in the NHL with Steve Yzerman of the Detroit Red Wings. The following season, his 107 points did not even place him in the top 10. In 1993-94, J.R. He finished in fifth place with Mark Recchi of the Philadelphia Flyers and Pavel Bure of the Vancouver Canucks.

Roenick was the eighth general pick in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft, going to the Blackhawks. He played more than 1,300 games in the NHL and contributed 1,216 points with the Blackhawks, Phoenix Coyotes, Philadelphia Flyers, Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks.



Great train journeys of the world


Do the locomotion

The train ride gets better and better. Usual suspects still love tradition and history, and the new space age trains take us to another dimension. Compiled by Bev Malzard

The following are some train trips that smell like adventure, romance and history. It is a great way to travel: sit and stroll through the countryside without worrying about traffic, bad weather or the fear of stopping at cafes on the side of the road for terrible food. The locomotion these days is complemented by linen napkins, gourmet meals, feather pillows and soft sheets and there is not a speck of soot on the horizon. All aboard now …

King of the Fjords Lane

A classic train trip offered in Scandinavia is the train tour & # 39; Norway King of Fjords & # 39 ;, which encompasses glorious glaciers, thundering waterfalls, deep and rich valleys, as well as the impressive Norwegian fjords that will captivate the traveler more demanding. The five-day train tour travels from Oslo to Mydal for a ride on the spectacular Flam railway, where for two hours it zigzags upwards through snow-capped mountains, looking towards the valleys and going through waterfalls. After this train journey, you will navigate the famous Sognefjord Fjord and then to the huge Fjaerland Glacier through one of Norway's most beautiful fjords. The next day, to Bergen to board the train to cross the countryside from Norway to Oslo.

The mighty Ghan

The Ghan begins its journey in the lower part of the Australian continent, points north and heads towards the center of the country to the highest city in Darwin: it extends between Adelaide, Alice Springs in the Red Center to Darwin. Operated by Great Southern Railway, the trip takes 48 hours to cover the 2979 km. The name of the service is an abbreviated version of its previous nickname The Afghan Express, which comes and is in honor of the Afghan camel trains that traveled the same route before the arrival of the railroad.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

The small blue and red steam train of the Darjeeling Himalayas climbs more than 2000 meters towards the mountains after leaving Siliguri at the foot of the Himalayas and reaches its peak in Ghum to reach Darjeeling at 2200 meters above sea level.

In 1881, the East Bengal Railroad Company opened a treacherous and crazy path of steep loops and slopes. It was gradually improved and is now owned by the Indian Railway Company, but it is still the most exciting and infused steam train journey in history that you can experience.

He was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999 and now only carries passengers. You ride on throats, under old steel bridges, you see mountain panoramas, forests, imposing rocky walls and tea plantation terraces.

Rovos Rail

In the luxurious and luxurious five-star hotel with wooden panels from a softer era, Rovos Rail crosses half of Africa, from Dar es Salaam in the east to central Zambia, Zimbabwe and to Swaziland, Lesotho, Johannesburg and all The main cities of South Africa, which branch back west, to Namibia. This experience is one of the best ways to see the amazing country of Africa. These trains have large suites, some with full-size bathrooms. It is luxurious all the way inside the train and an epic desert to discover outside the windows.


Taking the train from Brisbane to Cairns in Queensland is a great way to see the countryside. A restful night with meals that make you line up early – think afternoon tea with fresh buns – think of a source of hot and cold seafood, with seafood delivered directly to the train in Townsville! This coastal trip is to begin a gigantic journey through Queensland, which offers a splendid preview of the beauty of the coastal district while sitting comfortably.

The rocky mountaineer

One of the most beautiful train routes in the world is covered with the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada. This beautiful experience begins in Vancouver and offers travelers extraordinary views of magnificent mountains, forests, rugged valleys and serene lakes as you go from Vancouver to Banff. Or take the Fraser Discovery route: from Whistler in British Columbia to Jasper National Park, Alberta. The & # 39; Rocky & # 39; It is one of the most popular trains for Australians, and why not, with great views, food, service and the excitement of being so close to the mountains. Visit:

Trans-Siberian Railroad

The name only evokes smoking samovars, adventure, revolution, romance and noire atmosphere. The Trans-Siberian rail system is the longest in the world and, in addition to the basic stop and start trip, several operators now offer a multitude of bespoke trips, from the original Trans-Siberian to Dr

Zhivago Trips range from a few-day excursion to an epic one-month trip, or from a quiet tourist tour to a full expedition. Moscow to Beijing in the right season can include the Ural Mountains, snowmobile rides, diving (right!), The Gobi Desert, the Great Wall of China and the Harbin Ice Festival.

And there is … The Hiram Bingham to Machu Picchu in Peru; The legendary Blue Train that travels between Pretoria and Cape Town (and vice versa); The train at the end of the world, in Tierra del Fuego; The Royal Hungarian Express, built for an emperor and his wife; The Orient-Express for romance, adventure and mystery, Europe; the West Coast Wilderness Rail, Tasmania; The William Tell Express, Switzerland; The Copper Canyon Railroad, Mexico; Bluebell Railway, Crawley UK, the futuristic bullet trains of Japan. The list goes on and on. You don't have to be a railroad enthusiast to appreciate the charm of traveling by train, just someone who has a sense of history and is willing to make an extra effort for an experience!

For fun, Google & # 39; Great train journeys of the world & # 39 ;.



First Nations Cuisine – Redefining Culinary BC


Early Appetites – How First Nations cuisine is redefining the culinary scene of BC

British Columbia is a poster for the ethnically diverse mosaic that is the culture of Canada, something that is most obviously reflected through the wide variety of international restaurants in the province. And while the list reads like a culinary of the United Nations, a background movement announces the return to traditional food. Now, gastronomy enthusiasts are experiencing the beautiful simplicity and rich heritage of First Nations cuisine …

Two elements differentiate the indigenous gastronomic experience from any other: the first is the ingredients themselves. By living on the land they inhabited for centuries, the First Nations Peoples developed great respect and a great understanding of the resources that were within reach. From the harvest of plants to the game of hunting and fishing, the traditions of the pre-European peoples were transmitted orally from one generation to another, a heritage of life and sustainable gastronomy dictated seasonally that existed long before recent trends in that direction.

Therefore, First Nations food is the closest thing to a gastronomic postcard of the province. The second unique element is the ancient culture of hospitality. The fabric of First Nations life has always been held together by a strong sense of family and community. This heat has resulted in intimate dining experiences that nourish the soul as much as the body. The term welcome is a euphemism.

Today, a proliferation of First Nations establishments is bringing the flavors of this beautiful culture to the general public. And depending on where you are in British Columbia, a different experience awaits you. From the incredible smoked or fresh salmon that prevails in coastal cuisine to smoked seal meat in the north, an incredible variety of indigenous dishes awaits exploration.

Oolichan oil, crispy seaweed on steamed rice, grilled smoked buffalo alder, elk with sweet potato pie, bannock … this variety of longhouse luxuries is not just one of the province's first menus. It is one of the best too. And the experience goes beyond the palate. Many establishments invite guests to sing and dance traditionally, as well as to presentations of stimulating drums. Dinner doesn't seem like a big enough word, sometimes! Let's explore this unique and incomparable dining experience, starting inside …

Nk & # 39; Mip – The best tourist destination in Okanagan It is in Okanagan, a few minutes from the main street of Osoyoos. Perched on the edge of Lake Osoyoos, in the heart of the semi-arid wine country of the British Columbia desert, this establishment, courtesy of People of the First Nations People of the Osoyoos Indian Band, embodies the 4-season resort experience of the country's wine. With luxury accommodation, a full-service spa and a lake-front camp, this destination offers everything from the educational experience of the Nk & # 39; Mip Desert Cultural Center to the recreational experience of the spectacular 9-hole Sonora Dunes golf course .

But by far the two most memorable aspects of a visit here are the Passatempo restaurant in Spirit Ridge and the patio in Nk & # 39; Mip Cellars. The bistro style atmosphere in Passatempo offers a particular magic that can only be found in the middle of the orchards and vineyards well above the beautiful Osoyoos lake. The amazing views of the lake and the surrounding mountains are surprising enough … it now includes a menu with entrances such as grilled steak bison with blue cheese cream, red chocolate sauce and mashed potatoes or white salmon sauteed with cheese sauce of goat and almonds, quinoa and tomato sauce and you can imagine how amazing it could be one or two nights here.

And with a capacity of more than 100, weddings, meetings and seminars are taken calmly. Did we mention the banquet service in the suite and the picnic baskets for guests? The first aboriginal winery owned and operated in North America, Nk & # 39; Mip Cellars is located in a natural desert bank overlooking Lake Osoyoos, with vineyards and orchards belonging to the Development Corporation of the Indian Band of Osoyoos . A wine tour here is not just about grapes and their magnificent products; It is also about the rich history and traditions of the Peoples that have called it their home for centuries … a fact that is obvious in the winery's architecture that features local native art and artifacts. And any fan of good wine will be delighted with the Nk & # 39; Mip varietals that include Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Riesling and Icewine. The opening hours are from January 1 to June 30 from 9 to 5, from July 1 to August 31 from 9 to 7 and from September 1 to December 31 from 9 to 5.

For a more practical approach to the intriguing indigenous diet, the Nisga & # 39; a Commercial Group of Tourism Terrace offers a full-day tour of mushrooms, herbs and botany. Thanks to its status as the sole bearer of a Commercial Harvest Permit, the public can experience an unforgettable walk through ancient forests while Nisga guides share which herbs and fungi their Elders used for medicinal and dietary purposes. Some of the wonders of the nature of this revealing hike include pines, chanterelles and lobster mushrooms, as well as many more, and the trip concludes with a lunch offered by the elderly Nisga & # 39; a. Trips depart and end in Nisga & # 39; to Office Solutions in Terrace from mid-August to mid-October.

Located on the crescent-shaped Cormorant Island in the Inland Passage of the British Columbia coast, Alert Bay is famous for more than simply amazing landscapes and abundant wildlife. This is the home of Culture Shock Interactive Gallery. Just 180 miles by water from the metropolis of Vancouver, Roy Cranmer, an experienced Namgis fisherman who offers visitors the experience of a traditional open fire grill in front of the beach, is the only way to experience Alert Bay. ! Be sure to book one day in advance.

In the city of Duncan, on the island of Vancouver, the Quw Cultural & Conference Center & # 39; utsun & # 39; is owned and operated by Cowichan Band, located on 6 acres of beautiful scenery along the picturesque Cowichan River . The ancient traditions of the Cowichan peoples are here, including live demonstrations and performances by Khowutzun Tzinquaw dancers from July to August. The Center also includes the Riverwalk Café, a summer season restaurant that offers the best native cuisine in the area. Traditional ingredients such as salmon, deer, buffalo and halibut are on a menu that celebrates the abundant resources of the glorious Cowichan Valley. And the patio on the banks of the Cowichan River offers some of the most idyllic restaurants on Vancouver Island.

Further up the island, the Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge on Quadra Island offers incredible isolation on 1,100 acres just 10 minutes by ferry from the Campbell River. With the Kwagiulth architecture of the Pacific coast, as well as traditional and contemporary native art, this destination includes a dining room that shows Aboriginal offers in an informal and elegant atmosphere with the chef's Catch and Cook option, an interactive way to enjoy of the fresh generosity of the surroundings. Ocean.

The aboriginal cultures of BC have a beautiful and ancient heritage. Try it today!



Which city really has more restaurants per capita?


Travel to most of the city's websites on the web and you will be surprised at how many claim to have more restaurants per capita than anywhere else. This is claimed by San Francisco; Madison, Wisconsin; Washington DC; and Shreveport, Louisiana. At least Canadian cities have the same claim.

So, which cities have a legitimate claim of the title "Most restaurants per capita"? The National Restaurant Association (NRA) publishes a list of restaurants per capita by state. According to the Association, California has, by far, most restaurants with an astounding 87,225 food establishments. The state of New York enters a miserable 58.027. The first five are completed with Texas (53,631), Florida (41,901) Pennsylvania (31,466).

In terms of per capita by state, Washington DC tops the list according to NRA. The region of the capital of the United States drives about 0.4 restaurants per 100 people. The second is, surprisingly, Montana in .354 restaurants per 100 people. They complete the top five of the Rhode Island NRA (0.304 percent) Vermont (.303 percent) New York (.301 percent). If you are a little hungry, you may want to avoid all three states with the least amount of Mississippi, Kentucky and Utah restaurants.

In terms of cities in North America, it is a little more difficult to determine who can claim the city title with most restaurants per capita.

Here are ten cities with more than 100,000 people who have made the claim. But who has the real claim? Who offers more options to the kitchen seeker or simply to the hungry buyer? Who can claim the title of The Restaurant City?

The city of San Francisco is a city of 744,230 people and claims to have 2,662 restaurants within the city limits. There is no doubt that the standard of restaurants in the city of the bay is exceptional. If you only include San Francisco correctly, its density is 279 people per restaurant. But because housing costs the number of people living in the city proper has decreased while the number of businesses, including restaurants, San Francisco is a distorted number. If the metropolitan area counts, the number of restaurants increases to 4,300 restaurants (we will not include hundreds more in the nearby wine country of Napa and Sonoma). If you consider the population of the metropolitan area of ​​7,168,176 and divide by 4,300, you get a per capita density of 1,667 people per restaurant.

Winnipeg is a city on the edge of Canadian prairies that has a wide cross section of immigrant communities, all of which have their local ethnic cuisine. If you want French toast for breakfast, perogies and sauerkraut for lunch, and Imperial Vietnamese rolls for dinner, this is the place to come. This city regularly claims to have more restaurants per capita than any other city. Some websites claim that the city has 900 restaurants, but in reality there are only 478. With a population of 619,544, Winnipeg can claim only one restaurant for every 1,296 snow-covered Canadians.

Victory. This city on Vancouver Island and the capital of British Columbia, Canada, regularly makes the claim that it has the "second largest number of restaurants per capita," which is perhaps an intelligent psychology, since the city has never accused Which is the best. With a population of 335,000 inhabitants, the city claims to have 265 Italian, French, Greek, East Indian, Vegetarian, German, Dutch, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants. That means Victoria has a restaurant for every 1,264 people. But with its spectacular location halfway between Vancouver and Seattle, you would hardly care if your claim is a bit out of place.

In New York City, nobody cooks at home and by the time you have heard of a restaurant, it probably closed. Restaurants open and close with alarming speed in the Big Apple. On average, New York City can claim 6,650 places to eat, from the elegant Lespinasse to the greasiest restaurant on the corner, most restaurants anywhere on the continent. However, with 8,168,338 people, New York can only claim to have 1,228 people per restaurant. It may seem that every second building in New York is a restaurant, but they have to serve many residents staying vertically. That explains why it is difficult to find a table some nights.

The only Canadian city that can claim the most restaurants per capita is Montreal, in the province of Quebec. With just over 5,000 restaurants in the metropolitan island area, there seems to be at least one restaurant in every corner. With its diverse immigrant population and the French majority, the city has all kinds of cuisine available, from Lebanese to continental French and native Canadian. Some 3,720,000 Quebecers live in the metropolitan area, which makes Montreal the second largest French-speaking city in the world. Giving you a restaurant number per capita of 744.

When you leave Austin you enter Texas, so says the saying. This funky city in central Texas has 1,088 places to eat to enhance its reputation as Music City USA. That list includes 128 establishments in or around the University of Texas alone. The growing population of Austin is currently 690, 252, which makes its ratio of people to restaurants 634.

Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby, is a small city of just over half a million people. Pap John & # 39; s Pizza and Yum Brands, the parent company of A&W, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, make Louisville their corporate home, so it is not surprising that this city on the Ohio River has 1,089 restaurants. That makes 510 people per restaurant.

Madison owns the rights to the title of "city with the most restaurants per capita" and the capital makes the claim in all its literature. However, reducing the actual number of restaurants is quite difficult. The best available list points to 437 restaurants that cater to 221,551 people in the city of Wisconsin. But that generates only 506 people per restaurant. Good for only the third in this list.

Wichita, Kansas is not usually a city that comes to mind when you think about cooking. But with an ethnically diverse workforce, the largest city in Kansas has a reputation for cultural diversity and is located in the barn of America. The 739 restaurants in the city can only accommodate 360, 715 people. That translates into 488 people per restaurant, good for second place on our list.

Dallas This city of Lone Star State has a population of 1,250,950 and a selection of restaurants totaling 2,666. While the city is known for its grills and grills, there is an amazing combination of excellent restaurants, from elegant to basic. That means that every restaurant, fast food place and grill in the third largest city in Texas can boast a potential group of just 469 people. Making this city the winner of the title "City with more restaurants per capita".